Our story

RAYVN was founded in 2017 in Bergen, Norway. The founders, Henrik von Schlanbusch, Erik Skaara, and Øyvind Meistad, came from the SaaS industry and the crisis management industry in Norway. Over the years, they had observed that critical events were managed very differently in companies, supported by tools such as pen and paper, whiteboards, phones, and in some cases, overly complicated, outdated software. The industry's clear need was to have a simple and intuitive system for managing critical events.

As a project with some of the big players in the Norwegian offshore industry, RAYVN was tasked to develop a system. The feedback was great, and after some time, it was decided to start RAYVN as an independent company.

Raven over dark sea The origins of the name, RAYVN, come from old Norse mythology, where the god Odin has two ravens, called Hugin and Munin. Their tasks were to hover over the earth, gather information, and report back to Odin. The two ravens are described as perching on Odin's shoulders. RAYVN is just that. In critical situations, RAYVN will provide:

  • Information
  • Communication
  • Focus
  • Report

Now, RAYVN has employees in multiple  European countries, as well as in the USA.

What we do

RAYVN is focused on building the best and most user-friendly tool for companies across the globe. By doing this, our goal is to become the market leader in the crisis management area.

RAYVN will help organizations manage critical events internally and connect businesses in a network of RAYVN users. Overall, RAYVN will help increase both Emergency Response internally and externally by making organizations collaborate during ongoing events. Ultimately, RAYVN will help save lives and resources.

We will always have our end-users in mind.

How we do it

When a crisis or critical event occurs, humans will turn to a most simple tool to use. It is a tool that feels intuitive and makes it easier for you to manage the situation in the best possible way. People hopefully do not experience crises every day, so that Crisis Management Software will, for many, not be used daily. With that in mind, user-friendliness is vital to achieving the best outcome for our customers when a critical event occurs. 

We constantly continue to develop RAYVN, adding both new features as well as improvements to existing functionality. We actively communicate with our customers to learn from their real-life experiences and how they experienced using RAYVN during ongoing events or exercises.

But we will not keep adding new features if that makes RAYVN too complicated to use in a critical and stressful situation. 

We also strive to create an effective and very adaptive system that teams can use from 2-3 persons to corporations with a global reach. This is possible without having to create custom solutions for bigger corporations, etc. The flexibility and adaptability in RAYVN make it possible to set up to fit both small/local incidents to major global events with teams on multiple locations, etc.