Effective emergency response in aquafarming

Effective emergency response in aquafarming

Reduce response time on escaped fish and other critical incidents

RAYVN allows you to notify predefined persons and groups in seconds. Based on your contingency plan, you can define which of your personnel that should be notified in different types of situations. When you initiate a scenario, RAYVN will notify everyone, so that your organization immediately can start to focus 100% on damage-reducing measures. For example, in the event of escapes, short response time is crucial. Those who receive the notification can also respond to the message, and thus you can be assured (and document) that the appropriate persons have received notice and that you will receive the help you need. All notifications can be sent out via SMS, e-mail and push notifications in a mobile app, in addition to automated phone calls.

Time spent to notify your organization with/without RAYVN

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Train your emergency preparedness organization

RAYVN makes it easy to carry out exercises on emergency preparedness in your organization. Initiate an exercise on pre-defined scenarios from the mobile app, and notification is sent out to everyone, asking them to participate in the exercise. RAYVN is a great exercise tool that gives management the opportunity to implement both planned and spontaneous exercises, and also to measure the organization’s response time and readiness. After the exercises, the logs from the exercises provide a great starting point for evaluating the course of events and will give a good picture of where your personnel needs further training.

Notification and communication in real-time

RAYVN sends out notifications via SMS, email, app notification, and automated phone calls. Since RAYVN uses multiple technologies to notify your teams, you can be confident that the message will be received, and RAYVN also records the response of those who receive the notification. Anyone who receives notification can access a log via a mobile app/browser, allowing everyone to read, and share, real-time information during the event. You can also share pictures in the log, making sure that your organization always has updated information at all times.

  • Run planned and spontaneous exercises
  • Send out important messages
  • Notify in case of undesirable events (escapes, personnel injury, environmental hazards, etc.)
  • See the location of employees using the RAYVN mobile app
  • Use RAYVN for all internal communication during an ongoing event and you are assured documentation of the entire incident management

Document and evaluate

RAYVN automatically documents the entire handling of the incident, as well as exercises. According to increased documentation requirements, RAYVN offers an automatically generated report after the incident. The log from the current event contains all the data, and communication that is shared during the incident and will be a valuable document if you have to document how you managemed the incident after the escape etc. to the authorities, insurance companies and the media.

  • Document execution of exercises
  • Document response time
  • Document all activity and communication during the exercise/event
  • Evaluate how the organization managed the exercise/event
  • See the frequency of different types of incidents/exercises
  • Compare different exercises to assess your own efforts and progression
  • Print reports

Send out notifications – collect response

In many cases, it is important to get confirmation from those who receive your notification/information. RAYVN automatically collects the response from your organization.

For example, SMS can be sent to employees:

“Extreme weather has been reported from 17:00 and throughout the evening. All facilities must take action. Reply to this message with Yes or OK to confirm that you have received the message and that you will make preventive efforts.”

  • Get an overview of which people can participate in the management of escape or other unwanted events
  • Document who has received the information. For example, the group can send out a notice to stop all use of a specific product, due to contamination. A message is sent to all facilities, and everyone is asked to confirm that information has been received and that preventive actions has been initiated.

Suitable for both international, and local based aqua farming businesses

RAYVN is currently being used in fish farming companies with production across several continents. RAYVN provides the flexibility to handle an incident locally at a specific facility as well as coping with a situation at an international level.

For larger companies:

  • The management can use RAYVN for notification/communications in the organization.
  • In the case of undesired incidents in local facilities, management will be notified and will have direct access to how a specific incident is being managed, in real-time and for evaluation purposes.
  • The management can send out notifications and information to specific parts of the organization.
  • Example 1. Send out a notification to all production sites to stop the use of a contaminated product. All facilities must acknowledge that the message has been received and that the product has been destroyed. This will at the same time be documented.
  • Example 2. Send out a notification to all production sites in a specific area in case of an extreme weather warning. Ask the facilities to implement additional security measures, and to confirm preventive action.
  • Example 3. There has been an escape at a local facility. The management receives notice of this immediately after the escape has been discovered. The management monitors the work that is being done to limit the damage, as well as coordinating the incident on a strategic level in the region.

For local fish farming production sites

  • Use RAYVN to notify and execute emergency response exercises.
  • Send out important information to employees, and ask for a confirmation on the specific message.
  • Notify employees if escaped fish is discovered and other unwanted incidents.
  • Ensure a common communication channel for everyone involved, documenting all actions and communication.
  • Notify external parties of escaped fish, or environmental hazards
  • Notify surrounding fish farms.
  • end out notifications to local fishermen if you need help to catch escaped fish.


NotificationResponsibleTime spent without RAYVNTime spent with RAYVNComment
Create the incident in RAYVNAnyone1 minThe incident is created based on pre-defined scenarios, teams and tasks
Notify the CEO / ManagerManager on production site5 min0 minAutomatic notification
Contact necessary personnel for assistanceCEO20 min0 minAutomatic notification
Notify: Government officialsCEO10 min1 minAutomatic notification
Notify: Insurance companyCEO10 min0 minAutomatic notification
Notify: Health and environmental agenciesCEO10 min0 minAutomatic notification
Notify: MediaCEO15 min3 minWrite a short description of the incident, and send to a predefined group of media
Contact local fishermen, ask for assistance to catch fishCEO60 min3 minWrite a short description of the incident, and send to a predefined group of fishermen
Time used2hrs 10 min8 min

Time spent to notify your organization with/without RAYVN

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A short video that features RAYVNs general functionality.

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