Why 4Service chose RAYVN


4Service interview

With more than 2500 employees distributed on close to 200 locations and facilities, 4Service saw the need for an incident management tool. In January 2019, 4service entered an agreement with Total Safety, a Stavanger-based RAYVN partner, to purchase a RAYVN-subscription and to have Total Safety train their preparedness-organization.

We visited 4Service’s headquarters in Oslo and interviewed their CEO, Tor Rønhovde, and HSEQ Manager, Stian Stenlund a few weeks after they implemented RAYVN in their organization. Hear why they chose RAYVN as their tool for managing incidents and emergency response exercises in 4Service.

With RAYVN, 4Service can notify their emergency teams efficiently. RAYVN also enables 4Service to share information in real-time between personnel in multiple locations while managing ongoing incidents or while prepping their preparedness organization doing realistic exercises in RAYVN.

RAYVN logs the activity, the tasks that are assigned, etc. At the end of the incident or crisis, RAYVN generates a complete report that can be used to learn from, to assess what went well, what can be improved, and so on.

4Service is experiencing significant growth. While growth is positive, it also brings along safety and security challenges. RAYVN was found to be a good match for 4Service in their always ongoing work to achieve a more and more effective and streamlined emergency response organization.

The interview is in Norwegian, but you can enable subtitles if they don't appear automatically.

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