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External stakeholders are essential assets that often are needed while managing critical events. Your stakeholders could be various public services, police departments, insurance companies, customers, media agencies, or service providers. By collaborating with external stakeholders, you can mitigate the effect of a critical event, save time, money, and in some cases, save lives! There is a need for an effective tool to facilitate two-way communication and information sharing during critical events.

There is no doubt that every organization requires an "effective" approach to manage a crisis. But do you have the right tools to do this effectively? Does it share the right information with the correct parties? Is it comprehensive enough to bring external and internal people together during critical events?

Being an expert in the critical event management space has given us the insights to develop this cutting edge technology. We have developed an effective solution that allows inter-organization collaboration during critical events. This allows you to manage the incident while keeping in control of the information you share.


Other benefits that our "collaboration feature" include:

  • Increased level of control in a critical event management system
  • Establish direct communication with your collaborators
  • Share situational awareness across businesses/organizations
  • Reduction in wasted time by automating interactions with collaboration partner communication
  • Prevent rumors and speculation
  • Ensure early communication with accurate information from the correct resource
  • Facilitate easy communication collaboration both internally across levels and externally with different parties in one information platform

RAYVN is a comprehensive online service to manage any critical event, available in any browser and a mobile app. Our solution helps you deliver a quick and focussed emergency response. RAYVN allows you to alert your organization, keep everybody informed, and make better decisions during critical events.

  • A comprehensive notifications system that mobilizes teams via SMS, email, mobile-app-notifications, and voice calls within one platform
  • Coordinate personnel and external partners during incidents via checklists, procedures, GPS-tracking, real-time communication, and task assignment
  • Full documentation of incident for insurance, authorities, and other related stakeholders
  • Save considerable amounts by digitizing your preparedness plans in RAYVN
  • Intuitive interface. It takes little time to implement and has Facebook-like user-friendliness

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