Confronting crises with confidence: The California wildfire case study


This year, more than three million acres have burned across California, making 2020 the largest wildfire season recorded in California’s history. Research shows that climate change has created warmer and drier conditions, which, as a result, cause a more extended fire season boosting the wildfire risk. Wildfires can break out at any time, putting homes and businesses at stake; it has widespread and countless damages that injure people and destroy the land, buildings, transportation routes, wildlife, etc.

Nature doesn't care whether you believe in climate change or not! 

Various studies have found that the climate change phenomenon fueled California's massive fires due to the exacerbated heat waves that allow wildfires to burn intensely and spread rapidly. 

Climate change is an ever-lasting threat that underscores the necessity for a comprehensive preparedness emergency response and management system. Climate change planning tends to be outside many organizations’ comfort zones because it deals with long-term strategies and requires intensive and complicated interaction with stakeholders and decision-makers outside and inside the organizations. RAYVN takes the responsibility to consider all risks that might seriously affect the community and organizations, so we pave the way toward managing critical events efficiently and confidently in real-time.

The emergency response system- using multiple technologies

Some areas across California experienced interruptions in its emergency alert response system due to issues that obstruct the emergency response processes, e.g., SMS and e-mail. This crisis has revealed that miscommunication is a key challenge. Without an integrated emergency preparedness plan consisting of a pre-built crisis management tool, emergency alerts and messages can conflict and misroute their way.

As a proposal, we recommend that businesses and organizations adopt an integrated communication and crisis management system consisting of a reliable multi-channel emergency alerting system. That is a system that pushes notifications to multiple users and can involve related stakeholders in a matter of seconds.

A solid critical event management system is the secret door to confront crises confidently!

Whether your business is in the wildfire area or it relies on stakeholders that are, it is essential to think about how to mitigate this humanistic crisis and its impacts and how to perceive a one business continuity. 

While there is not much you can do to stop a wildfire from approaching your business, the only thing you need to do is to have an integrated critical event management tool at your fingertips. RAYVN provides such a solution.

The importance of having an in-place critical event management system goes beyond keeping your stakeholders informed! It allows you to confront such tragedy confidently. For example, the RAYVN platform is designed to keep interested stakeholders in the "loop" and on the same information level simultaneously during critical events. It promotes information exchange, emergency alerts, and effective communication between RAYVN users. It is crucial to build an integrated system that allows you to estimate how a wildfire could impact your organization; it provides you with solutions to mitigate potential damages and efficiently and effectively identify your emergency frontline. 

Resilience and Collaboration are the lifebuoys in the times of crises

When the California wildfire crisis began to disrupt millions of people’s daily lives, there was a real need for collaboration between the public and private sectors to facilitate the wildfire mitigation work and protect the public safety resources. The pursuit of wildfire prevention demands a joint effort and collaboration between many players, which requires integrated crisis management and communication system that allows all different stakeholders to play their role during any crisis. Hence, no one would have had sufficient resources to react so effectively and promptly when a crisis hits. With this in mind, the RAYVN platform offers users the possibility to invite external parties to manage the situation as critical events’ progress. 

Having an in-place critical event solution that communicates through mobilizing and involving partners of all levels from different sectors will protect your people, infrastructure, and the environment against any kind of threat.

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