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RAYVN preloaded with different set of plans according to need of the user. Each plan contains different sets of teams and tasks that need to be notified and handled according to the nature of the specific incident.

One of the aspects of RAYVN that people find to be the most interesting is its versatility. While it was originally designed for the Oil & Gas industry and the rigors of the North Sea, over the years it has morphed into a tool that is used in various industries. Universities, Hospitals, Facility Management, Logistics, and Commercial Manufacturing and Construction are a few of the industries that are now implementing RAYVN’s incident management software.

What Makes RAYVN So Versatile?

The key to the versatility is the ability for the user to customize the platform. By offering our clients the ability to set up a configuration that fits their organization’s exact needs, we have been able to expand our software outside of its original industry.

Being able to proactively set up teams based on their responsibility (whether that is geographical or incident specific) saves valuable time and resources. From there, the teams can get divided even further for precise coordination of responsibilities.

Common tasks are customizable and pre-loaded as well. So with the push of a button, you can start the coordinated response of your teams, enabling the completion of tasks and objectives that are a part of your plan.

Customizable Yet Simple

Often times, when people hear the word “customize” it automatically brings about an image that can be described as confusing or complex. However, this is where RAYVN really shines.

Our team of engineers and safety industry experts worked to build a system that had two key design principles.

  1. RAYVN should cover the tasks that need to be managed during incidents
  2. RAYVN should be easy to use and require a minimum (if any) training

It is because of this core philosophy that has enabled RAYVN to be easily adopted by teams that have had years of incident software experience, or teams that have had none.

Customization that is simple and effective. That is the key to a versatile incident management system.

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