Emergency preparedness – the heart of RAYVN’s strategy


Henrik Von Schlanbush with RAYVN logo
With the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 has reached almost all countries and affected more than 15 million people around the world. It is now widely recognized that the COVID-19 pandemic provoked the most severe economic crisis in the 21st century. Therefore, more than half of the world’s population and businesses have experienced a lockdown, complying with the global and governmental orders that aimed to contain and control the spreading of the COVID-19 virus. Beyond the health and human tragedy of COVID-19, most countries attributed the aggravation of this crisis to the lack of emergency preparedness for most serious sectors and businesses.

We met Henrik von Schlanbusch, the CEO of RAYVN Global, and asked him about RAYVN’s success in confronting the crisis and advising the business sector.

What is RAYVN's role during the COVID-19 crisis?

Many businesses have faced difficulties managing the swift evolution of COVID-19 due to the lack of emergency preparedness plans. RAYVN, and proceeding from this fundamental problem, has taken the responsibility to help the business sector.

“We at RAYVN play our part to flatten the Coronavirus curve,” says Henrik. He adds that “through our long experience, we understand that the shortage of emergency preparedness plans and the lack of the correct tools to communicate either internally or externally has harmed and affected businesses”. According to Henrik, “The Coronavirus crisis has proven that emergency preparedness is the fundamental key to mitigate the consequences of any critical event”. He assured that many companies have considered the RAYVN platform as an integrated system for communication, prevention, and recovery during any potential threat.

How do you measure RAYVN’s success during the COVID-19 crisis?

Since the first wave of Coronavirus, the global interest has been directed to contain the virus itself, while the government orders have forced some industry operators and vital sectors to suspend their operations for further notice. This has significantly impacted businesses and their financial situation. Given the very varied degrees of emergency preparedness across companies, several have employed RAYVN as a fully integrated critical event management tool. The RAYVN platform has been considered a hub that helped them handle this pandemic and communicated well in real-time, answers Henrik.

The RAYVN platform’s multiple functionalities and the renowned epidemic module has played a crucial role in enabling effective communication, managing the pandemic situation proactively, monitoring the interested stakeholder’s status, assign tasks, and many more adds Henrik. “RAYVN has successfully managed to absorb the increased demand on our platform by which the traffic has increased to more than double when Coronavirus hits for the first time,” resumes Henrik.

What are the lessons that RAYVN learned from this crisis?

Since the Coronavirus crisis is not over yet, and it’s not the only threat on the horizon, we have learned that this kind of emergent event has underlined the importance of preparedness, resilience. The correct data flow between interested parties internally and externally.
”We, therefore, keenly encourage all businesses to consider four principles when building an in-place critical event management system: 1. information mobility, 2. coordination of activities, 3. communication and information availability, and 4. documentation. This collection is not exhaustive, but we will continue to highlight key areas where communities and businesses can benefit from RAYVN as a hub to manage all the different critical events”, Henrik answers.

At RAYVN, we believe that being prepared for an emergency is not only about what you have, it is about what you know and how you communicate.
Henrik von Schlanbusch

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