Event Security Utilizes RAYVN to Reunite Lost Children and Parents

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NYC Auto show

Inside the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City.

The New York City Auto Show is held annually at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in mid-town Manhattan. It is one of the auto industry’s largest events in the world, with car manufacturers from across the globe showcasing their newest models and greatest innovations.

The two-week event boasts over 1,000 cars and over 100 events within 900,000 sq. feet of exhibit space and attendance is over 1 million visitors.

The security company selected to protect visitors and assets alike was Citadel Security Agency, based in NYC. Citadel uses RAYVN Event Management Software to help its team communicate efficiently and to record incident data for future planning purposes.

With such a large footprint and high foot traffic levels, missing children is one of the event’s most common incidents. RAYVN was utilized to help reunite children with their parents in a quick and efficient manner.

When a missing child is reported to a guard on the floor, the guard will report it to their area supervisor who would then open an incident case via the mobile app. They would input name, the last location seen, and what the child was wearing. They would also upload a picture of the child the parent gave them (or if a child notified a guard they couldn’t find their parents, they would take a photo and upload that into the system).

All Citadel personnel was then automatically notified via RAYVN using SMS and a push notification of the open case. They would communicate via RAYVN to create a perimeter around the last seen location and locate the child. Once identity was verified, the parent was reunited with the child, and the incident was closed.

All said, Citadel used RAYVN 23 times when a child was separated from their parent. All 23 children were safely reunited with an average time of 14 minutes. What was most impressive was the ability to close 61% of the cases within 5 minutes of it being reported and only 4 cases taking longer than 20 minutes to resolve successfully.

Given such a large event space and incredible congestion, these results are a testament to Citadel’s excellent planning, staffing, and training, combined with their use of RAYVN’s enhanced capabilities.

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