Great Dane Airlines – using RAYVN on a daily basis


Great Dane Airlines Crew in front of plane
Great Dane Airlines is a RAYVN customer within the aviation industry. We asked them to participate in an interview to share their experience in using RAYVN on a daily basis. We were so lucky to get an interview with the Chief Operating Officer,  Stinne Dalsø.
Can you give a brief description of Great Dane Airlines?

Great Dane Airlines is a Danish commercial Airline that offers both Charter flights, private flights, and direct flights, such as Malaga.  We have approximately 100 employees (more during the summer season). We are based in Aalborg, Denmark, but also operate out of Billund and Copenhagen Airport. In addition to that, we have been operating two Aircraft and 45 crewmembers in Vietnam for the last eight months.

Our clients are mainly Travel Agencies who sell Charter flights out of Denmark. However, we also fly a lot of sports teams around Europe and have some private flights for mostly companies connected to Company travels.

Great Dane Airlines Crew in front of plane

How is your Emergency preparedness organized?

We have a centered Emergency response organization (because we are working all hours of the day). Several people are part of the Emergency Organization and trained to be so in various roles. Our duty officer function will activate the Emergency Response Organization based on an activation flowchart (level-based – level 0–3, where 3 is a full-blown accident). The duty officer will act as Emergency Manager until the first one from the Emergency Response Organization arrives at the office and takes over the Emergency Manager role. He/she will then delegate the rest of the roles as people show up or call in.

Why have you chosen to use a dedicated tool for notification and handling of unwanted incidents?

As pr. experience from previous jobs, I identified that we needed a tool where communication could be gathered and be easily accessible without having to be there physically and without having to call for updates and information all the time. We needed an intuitive and user-friendly tool where checklists would help us constantly overview the situation and ensure a smooth and constant flow of information.  In addition to this, we also needed a tool to document our ongoing operations, status, and communication. The reports are also a vital part of debriefings and the continuous work to evaluate our operations.

What types of "tools" did you use to notify and handle incidents before using RAYVN?

Before we got RAYVN, we had a very manual system involving Clipboards, Whiteboards, Phone calls, e-mails, and a lot of paper reports and logs.

Do you conduct exercises in the emergency preparedness organization? If so, will RAYVN be used in the exercises?

RAYVN is our training platform, and we think it is vital to test the system and the use of the system regularly. If people do not feel confident in how to use it, our crisis management will fail. 

This is also the reason why we have decided to make RAYVN our everyday operational tool. We are using it for almost all our checklists (daily checklist for OCC, onboarding checklists, training checklists, crew planning checklists, etc.). We also use RAYVN as a handover tool by creating meeting templates that are added to our daily logs. All relevant information and details are added to the meeting notes, which will form the basis for the transfer to the next on duty. We are also using RAYVN to conduct all our meetings. By using meeting templates it enables us to add structure, agenda, etc., to our meetings. 

We have a lot of requirements for documentation of meetings and actions, and RAYVN is great for that purpose.

Great Dane Airlines Crew Inspection

What type of unwanted events are relevant scenarios you need to be prepared for in your business?

As an Airline, we must be prepared for any incident. Even the tiniest incident can pose a considerable threat to the safe operation of the Aircraft. Therefore, we are using RAYVN to handle all types of incidents from a level 0 (minor delays and incidents) to a level 3 (emergency landings, plane crash, etc.). Everything is added into RAYVN – to make sure that the people dependent on it in a “real” crisis are comfortable with the system.

What is the main reason for selecting RAYVN as your Critical Event Management system?

The main reason for choosing RAYVN was user-friendliness. It is quite easy to set up, and implement and use, and it takes a minimum of training before one can use it.

What are the biggest advantages of using RAYVN over previous systems/practices?

The greatest thing about RAYVN is that it is easy to use, that it collects and shares information and tasks in a very “simple” way. 

Does RAYVN contribute to an overall better preparedness for your business?

It has fortunately not been tested in a real accident yet. Still, I am sure that it will make a big difference for us in a crisis, just as it already manages everyday processes, tasks, meetings, and handovers. We will be prepared if a critical event should occur.

Will you recommend RAYVN to other companies?

I would highly recommend RAYVN to any company. Not only in connection to Emergency management but also for everyday operational use. 

Especially the whole integration between logs, tasks, and meeting templates is fantastic and makes it much easier to keep a constant overview. Besides that, our dedicated Customer Success Manager, Lars Askvig, always listens to our input to future improvements and has from the beginning supported us very much day or night.

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