Grieg Seafood Signs An International Contract With RAYVN


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Grieg Seafood ASA is one of the world’s leading salmon farmers, specializing in Atlantic salmon. With 75 production facilities in Norway, Shetland (UK) and British Columbia (Canada), they are continually faced with an extreme and harsh production environment. Yet, Grieg Seafood is closing in on their goal of an annual production of 100 000 tonnes of gutted salmon, delivering their highly requested product all over the world.

By signing this contract, RAYVN will gain an even more significant impact in the aquafarming industry. What makes RAYVN stand out is the flexible set up, which makes it useful for companies with a local, regional and international reach. This is done without compromising on the user-friendliness that we know is extremely important while managing stressful incidents and situations.

We are looking forward to providing Grieg Seafood with the technology that will make their overall incident and crisis management more effective and accessible.

RAYVN will provide Grieg Seafood with an extended service consisting of full implementation of RAYVN in their entire organization, as well as conducting training and workshops in their four regions across the globe. RAYVN will be set up to the specific needs of their emergency response organization and implementing their different contingency plans. So when something happens, the organization will be notified and know what to do within seconds after the situation occurred.

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