How the RAYVN company manages the COVID-19 situation


Statusmeeting in RAYVN

RAVYN is affected by the Corona pandemic as all other organizations. We take the situation extremely seriously and want to share a glimpse of the measures we take to reduce the risks posed by the COVID-19-virus:

  • All employees work from home
  • All meetings are held via videoconferences
  • Daily status meetings are held with key personnel, using RAYVNs status meeting functionality.
  • Every day Monday till Friday, our CEO is in contact with all employees to receive an update on them and their family’s situation
  • All travels have  been canceled 

Our goal is to secure the well-being of our employees and their families, and through that, also secure our overall business performance during this period.

We want to share specific details of how we work systematically facing the Corona pandemic in our company. We know that our customers and partners take this situation very seriously, and we want to be transparent in how we organize our own emergency preparedness efforts. In this situation, we need to support each other and also provide advice on how we can work together in order to maintain the health and safety of our employees and our company's well-being. 


The daily status meetings are an essential part of our emergency preparedness. The goals of the status meetings are to:

  • Get an updated and unified situational awareness
  • Adjust priorities and set focus
  • Prioritize and assign tasks for the next 24 hours
  • Set time for the next status meeting

By using RAVYN's Epidemic Module, which comes with a predefined template for managing pandemics like the COVID-19-virus, we make sure that the meetings are structured and that we do not miss out on relevant topics.

From RAYVNs first Status meeting after the Corona outbreak. Everyone participating using RAYVNs Epidemic Module, from their homes

We update various metrics that are used to monitor the health of our systems and the organization. The metrics are updated during every meeting, giving us a historical account of how they evolved during the period.

The meeting is held as a video conference call while the participants also use RAYVN´s collaborative status meeting functionality. The status-meeting-page updates automatically as different persons add content to the various topics, assign tasks, etc. In this way, the meeting notes are completed quickly, without spending unnecessary time of one person to register all data in the meeting minutes and for the others to approve the minutes later on. 

The daily video status meetings, together with RAYVN´s status-meeting-functionality, help us ensure our company´s well-being, without exposing our personnel to the risk of virus contamination.


The status meeting has a specific Agenda, where the goal is to get the best possible overview of the situation and define our worst-case scenario

When the status meeting is finished, the meeting minutes are automatically added to our ongoing log, and all tasks from the meeting are distributed to the assigned persons. 

One of the tasks from the first meeting is to set a time for the next status meeting.

Agenda - Status meetings

Present Status

  • What is the status of our company's status / performance at this moment?

Status Tech

  • What is the status of tech? Servers, systems, key personnel, etc.

Status Customer Support

  • Reports from customers
  • Status of support system, support team personnel

Employee Status

  • Has the health status of any of our employees changed? Including their families, if this reduces our employees availability/performance

Inside our ongoing Corona Management log. Meeting minutes from a status meeting is added to the log

During the meetings, all participants can add content to the Status meeting minutes. In addition to the Agenda, we also add:

  • Tasks
    Add concrete tasks, and assign them to employees, and set deadlines
  • Focus
    Highlight for everyone what our focus is in this situation. Focus items are highlighted for everyone working inside of RAYVN.

    • Secure uptime of our services
    • Isolate employees
    • Doubling of roles/responsibilities
  • Status
    Key metrics to monitor status/situation/health (these metrics will be updated in each status meeting (or if the metrics change significantly), and will work as an timeline

    • Server performance stats
    • Number of infected personnel
    • Etc.
  • Share
    Share the meeting minutes to other levels of the Emergency preparedness organization

We have noticed that several high-profiled organizations have had issues with key personnel in their management who had been exposed for COVID-19 and worked shoulder to shoulder with their colleagues on site, jeopardizing the entire organization's ability of strategic leadership and management during this critical event. The approach for working with strategic status meetings, from different locations, is an important way to address this specific issue. 

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