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RAYVN Event Oslo
The Covid19 pandemic stopped meetings and events on personal and professional levels. The last few years were unprecedented for business, but it's time to recover and reconnect again. Taking the initiative in this regard, RAYVN is hosting a series of networking events to revive face-to-face interaction with existing and potential customers and business leaders at the local and international levels.

Why breakfast networking events?

RAYVN Event Oslo Our vision of hosting these networking events is to sustain team building and boost morale by bringing people together in an informal setting to discuss important topics for any crisis-conscious organization over breakfast. This atmosphere is crucial to our team empowerment, customer satisfaction, and professional relationship building.

We hope that these events can help businesses build a culture of crisis awareness through the topics that the meetings and guest speakers will cover. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Contingency and collaboration in crisis handling
  • Emergency preparedness
  • How organizations can assist and collaborate during critical events
  • Effective communication during critical events

Upcoming events

The spark of RAYVN’s networking events will first start in Bergen, the second-largest city in Norway. Then it will pass by the ancient city of Liverpool in the United Kingdom to Kristiansund and Oslo in Norway and finish in the Dutch capital Amsterdam. We will look into reaching other global destinations in the near future.

For more information about the events, please visit RAYVN’s events page.

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