John T. Essberger Digitalizes Emergency Preparedness for Maritime Shipping


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Learn how John T. Essberger uses RAYVN’s digital solution to achieve efficiency gains in emergency preparedness and critical event management.
Efficiency gains are a real advantage of using RAYVN. We no longer need to spend long hours or days to track information, reconstruct the situation, report any actions taken and write up a report. Within minutes, we have all the information needed to make the right decision and coordinate any required action.

Niall Mushet

SSHEQ (Security, Health & Safety, Environment and Quality) Manager
Shipping Management at John T. Essberger


John T. Essberger. Ships in arctic, ice.John T. Essberger is a global leader in purpose-built parcel tanker design and shipping management. Today the company’s 34 chemical tankers transport aggressive chemicals safely across the Mediterranean, Northeast Europe and the Baltic. A strong safety culture and environmental protection are essential to business operations, customer service and reputation management.

‘With the outbreak of COVID, improving emergency preparedness emerged as a top priority, prompting the search for a digital critical-event management solution,’ says Niall Mushet, the Senior Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SSHEQ) Manager for Shipping Management at John T. Essberger. ‘We needed to replace our manual system, which relied heavily on paper and phone calls. At the time, it was not easy to log and monitor incidents, so our approach was very fragmented.’

Consequently, John T. Essberger began the search for a unified digital solution for emergency preparedness and fully coordinated critical event management.


Today approximately thirty members of John T. Essberger’s emergency response network use RAYVN for preparedness and critical event management. The digital solution has been transformative. RAYVN’s incident logging functions, instant updates, traffic light system and video conferencing capabilities enable the team to work seamlessly in real time and generate any needed logs or incident reports quickly.

The ability to collaborate in real-time is crucial given the hazards at sea and risks associated with the fleet’s transport of chemicals that require significant compliance and preventive measures to ensure crew safety and protect the environment.

The Safety Story: Managing Risks and Hazards

John T. Essberger imageSafety is paramount given that a critical incident or accident involving the transport of highly toxic ST2 (ship type 2) chemicals poses severe threats, such as

  • fire
  • explosion
  • physical harm to crew
  • risks to the food chain
  • atmospheric pollution
  • dangers for maritime sea life

John T. Essberger maintains rigorous standards for safety and health, quality, ethics and environmental protection in order to uphold its policy commitment to zero accidents, zero losses and no harm to the environment.

Equally, a proactive approach to emergency preparedness is crucial—should an incident occur—to resolve the situation swiftly, minimize any impacts, mitigate damaging impacts and process any necessary follow-up reporting and actions as efficiently as possible.

Digitalization Yields Efficiency Gains

When Mushet put together the business case for RAYVN, he selected it above other competitive offerings because it provided a single, easy-to-use interface for checklists and logs to ensure the unified tracking and resolution of incidents.

‘You don’t need a lot of confidence with technology to use RAYVN,’ says Mushet. The simplicity of the solution has encouraged adoption and usage. Very quickly everyone can gain situational awareness. The traffic light system and updates mean that everyone stays in the loop while the incident is managed.

Emergency preparedness has improved because it’s easy to log incidents, access resources and run drills. During training exercises and spot drills, team competencies are tested and built, especially when individuals step forward to take on specialized roles and responsibilities.

Importantly the ability to track status updates and maintain a timeline of actions in response to a scenario such as a leak or casualty means that everyone learns to work together smoothly and seamlessly to minimize incident resolution times. Recent product developments, such as video conferencing support, make it easier for everyone to connect and collaborate.

‘Efficiency gains are a real advantage of using RAYVN,’ says Mushet. ‘We can calculate the cost-savings for John T. Essberger in terms of our time saved. We no longer need to spend long hours or days to track down information, reconstruct the situation, report any actions taken and write up a report. Within minutes, we have all the information we need to make the right decision and coordinate any required actions.’

Enhanced Brand Reputation and Customer Relationships

Improved efficiencies offer clear business advantages in maritime shipping when it comes to self-assessments and audits. Each year as part of the Tanker Management Self-Assessment (TMSA), John T. Essberger prepares a self-assessment of its safety, security and emergency preparedness plans and practices. Rigorous audits follow to see how well the company measures up to its own evaluation.

With RAYVN, the results have been truly impressive. This year alone three separate customer audits of the crisis and emergency management processes—including a six-person evaluation over a three-day period—have yielded excellent results.

‘“Oh, wow, this is fantastic”: that’s the kind of response we receive when we demonstrate our RAYVN solution to customers,’ says Mushet. ‘Setting and meeting high standards for safety and emergency responsiveness is central to our core brand values and business—the digitalization of emergency preparedness helps us achieve these goals.’

Altogether RAYVN supports John T. Essberger’s ambitious vision to deliver ‘innovative and pioneering solutions, aiming always for perfection and excellence’ in maritime shipping.


For John T. Essberger, the digitalization of emergency preparedness has been transformative. 

Now, instead of writing notes on paper, relying on phone calls or needing to meet in person, everyone can come together from wherever they are working to coordinate action in real-time.

‘With RAYVN, we have won an efficiency payback. Everything is monitored and tracked—all the information we need is available instantly and archived in one place,’ says Mushet. ‘When I compare it to the manual system, now there’s no longer the risk of information going missing. Moreover, roles and responsibilities are much clearer. Digitalization has clearly improved our emergency preparedness.’

The digital solution enables the company’s emergency response network to   

  • log and manage any incident quickly
  • mitigate loss/damage through fully coordinated action
  • manage any health & safety risks/injuries efficiently
  • ensure timely post-incident reporting and
  • build resiliency through drills as well as follow-on actions. 

To offer an example, RAYVN has helped the company respond to a workplace injury that required a medivac. ‘Our director was traveling and able to keep up-to-date using the app on his phone,’ says Mushet. ‘That was important, so that he could jump in as needed to resolve the incident, but as it turned out, we managed the situation without his intervention. Our director was impressed and relieved to be kept in the loop.’ 

For John T. Essberger, the digitalization of emergency preparedness with RAYVN had yielded new efficiencies in support of the company’s mission for excellence, safety and innovation in maritime shipping. 

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