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Make no mistake about it, RAYVN was built to disrupt a market. When one thinks of industries that are ready for innovation; incident management / crisis management might not be on the top of people’s lists – but we believe it should be.

A look at current solutions

Incident management systems that are currently in place are either outdated or inefficient, because they were not built with the modern user in mind.

The majority of crisis management is executed by using call trees, along with various documents and spreadsheets that are inefficient and scattered. These systems are susceptible to breakdowns if a key player in the chain of communication is out of reach.

Some companies opt to use mobile apps that were built for simple chat amongst teenagers. These apps have been implemented as a cheap way to communicate quickly and easily. But there are no templates or tasks that are in place with this technology, so there is no organization when an event happens. Lastly, the communication is usually not tracked or logged, as that is a key design component of many of these apps. So there is no way of reporting the situation in an easy and comprehensive manner.

Lastly, there are some software systems in place, but these are cumbersome, expensive to set up, and can be complicated to operate when a true crisis arrives. In many cases they were built to be confusing so that they would be hard to walk away from once they were learned by the users. That means they are overly complex in their design and lack operational intuition.

Managing incidents challenges any kind of organization

So what makes RAYVN different?

We have taken industrial safety expertise and combined it with best practices from modern technology companies. We have seamlessly packaged the two together and the end result is RAYVN. At its core, it’s a basic and intuitive 2-way communication system built specifically for incident management. But it can be shaped and customized to fit the demands of any organization. With preloaded teams, templates, and tasks, it’s ready for any incident that comes along. Additionally, it was specifically designed to keep a log of events and the communication involved as they unfold, in real-time.

Ultimately, we believe a system like this should be easy to learn about, easy to purchase, and equally as easy to implement. Because of this, we have designed our sales process to be transparent, and our training and implementation to be done in a matter of minutes.

We’re very proud of what we’ve built, and we hope you see the benefits as clearly as we do.

An incident log using RAYVNs mobile app

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