New Features August Release 2017


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August 29th, 2017, RAYVN was released with substantial upgrades. Apart from introducing a globally, scalable and lightning fast access, new security model and tighter integration between the web and the mobile app, many new features and significant improvements were introduced.

New features

Extended reporting functionality
  • Improved reports
  • Create reports on incidents
  • Get overview of incidents, cross log in time intervals
  • Multiple filters
  • See who are logged on with the app
  • Place incidents in the map based on address, geo position or manually
  • Filter for removing symbols in the map
  • Import users via Excel
  • Specify which users should be able to create a new log
  • Specify roles on users: Customer admin, admin, operator or SMS user
  • Send out invite for new users
  • Create users that can only work via SMS


  • Updated dashboard
  • License information in dashboard
  • Log heat visible in Log heading
  • Multiple languages
  • RAYVN has been translated into several languages


  • New profile page
  • Default generated profile picture that can easily be replaced with an image


Create new log
  • Specify address or geo position directly when creating a new log
  • Mobile App
  • New and dedicated mobile app for RAYVN.

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