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When incidents occur, time is short, and decisions need to be made fast. Without proper protocol in place, this can lead to misunderstandings, necessary actions not executed, and unpredictable outcomes - potentially making the situation at hand even worse.

RAYVN lets your organization define a protocol for all imaginable situations. Prepare action cards and immediate action lists for your incident types, so your team is ready to act. During incidents, when the action cards are needed, RAYVN will notify your teams through notification channels like voice call, SMS, and email. At the same time, tasks will be distributed to the correct teams who will update these in real-time. Tasks are assigned on the fly, while deadlines are set and task completion is monitored in an easy-to-use interface.

Example 1

Consider the example of a ferry company during extreme weather. As ports are shut down due to the weather conditions, the complexity of the situation gets worse. Alternative transportation has to be arranged, while captains, port authorities, management, passengers, partners, and more need to be informed. In this situation the incident commander has previously prepared action cards for each port through RAYVN, this means that RAYVN is already loaded with the plans and checklists that need to be executed. The only thing the incident commander needs to do is to assign the correct teams to handle each port, and the rest will be handled by RAYVN:

  • Notifications will be sent out to mobilize teams that are assigned to each port
  • The teams will be assigned checklists specific for each port
  • The incident commander can be monitor that each port is correctly following protocol
  • As the checklists are executed, the incident commander will see tasks and other progress updated in real-time
  • All communication will be executed through RAYVN, resulting in less telephone/radio disturbance
  • All completed logs containing all actions and communication are recorded
Example 2

An event company hosts a festival. Many situations during festivals require that protocol is respected to treat guests safely. Unfortunately, during festivals, security will have to help people that are intoxicated on drugs/alcohol. For each incident, it's vital that protocol is followed to secure the victim and to document that the proper steps were taken in doing so. When a situation is reported, the incident commander will create an incident in RAYVN “Intoxicated person” and dispatch a team.

  • The team receives notifications via voice call, SMS, and app notification, from RAYVN about where the situation occurred and are immediately dispatched
  • The incident commander can see, through the GPS tracking, that the team is mobilized and moves towards where the incident is taking place
  • The team will be assigned an action card describing protocol when intoxicated people are taken care of, which secures that the patient is handled correctly
  • When the situation at hand is completed, the incident commander will have an updated and time-stamped overview of which actions were taken and can be sure that protocol has been followed.

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