RAYVN used by students of International Emergency Preparedness 


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Lars Askvig (first on the left) together with IEP-students from the Artic University of Tromsø

The Bachelor of International Emergency Preparedness students (IEP-students) at the Arctic University of Tromsø (UiT) used RAYVN last week to simulate a crisis and effectively train on their crisis response with students working both on-campus and remote. Lars Askvig, a former UiT International Emergency Preparedness student and now a RAYVN Strategic Advisor, visited old grounds and introduced the students to RAYVN during a lecture he gave on his work experiences within emergency preparedness. Lars ́experience ranges from deployments and military operations to humanitarian advisory roles in the Middle East and Balkans. His IEP bachelorette has been a key to link his operational experience with academia, giving him preparedness related job opportunities such as, for instance, within the Norwegian People's Aid and now RAYVN.

After his lecture, the students used RAYVN in a tabletop exercise with two different scenarios. They were divided into emergency preparedness/crisis management teams and were fed updates on an ongoing crisis from a third party. RAYVN was thus used to establish situational awareness and to handle the critical event proactively.

IEP students were quickly able to use RAYVN - with little training necessary

The IEP-students are exposed to topics like crisis communication, operational management, and exercise planning during their study. The students acquire useful knowledge and skills for future roles in the emergency preparedness sector. The students are spread geographically and gather at UiT 6 weeks a year. With limited time to run exercises, traditionally done using blackboard and paper - RAYVN enabled the UiT to perform exercises with the students on campus including students, not on-site working remotely through RAYVN.

"- The traditional way of conducting exercises is time-consuming and resource-demanding. With RAYVN, it is all done online and allows us to practice decision making, different roles, and tasking without wasting valuable time. The ability to use meeting templates like the "first meeting" puts theory into practice. By creating a virtual room for the meeting, everyone can participate without having to gather in a physical room physically," says Associate Professor Mr. Øystein Klemetsen.

"RAYVN makes proactive thinking easy, as its features are set up in a way that allows you to focus on the next steps, while the work you've done has already been logged and is easily accessible from the reports section. With being so easy-to-use, RAYVN becomes a low threshold software for emergency preparedness exercises and can be run whenever you've got some extra time or want to spice up the lessons", he concludes.

It's pretty neat being able to see who's participating and not, and the tasking function lets me convert thoughts to action without having to lose valuable time on calling around, telling people what to do and await their response.
IEP Student