RAYVN February Release


February release graphic

RAYVN is deeply committed to creating a tool according to our customer's feedback and needs. Their first-hand experiences from managing critical events in real-life directly impacts how we continuously work to create an even more valuable tool. This month we're releasing an update with significant new features and improvements.

What's new

  • Edit tasks and log titles
  • GPS coordinates can be used to set the location of a Log, Incident or Site (in addition to street address, and click in map)
  • Extended user types - Users, Responders, Contacts
  • Contact lists - add any user type to Contact lists
  • Contact lists are not added to logs but are used to send out messages to predefined lists
  • Start a log template from other groups/parts of the organization
  • Copy tasks from different log templates

Strategic module

  • Meeting minutes in the log now has an improved layout
  • The meeting minutes are added in a minimized way in the log, but can be expanded to view all details
  • Update "Current status" at anytime
  • Assign tasks and set a deadline directly from a meeting
  • Mobile app - view meeting details and view Current status

Minor changes

  • Download report" and "Close log" are displayed as icons in the top right of the log interface. "Leave log" is removed
  • "Send message" is now viewed as an icon, together with "Download report" and "Close log"
  • RAYVN now remembers which tab is active within a session. After logout, the Map tab is default
  • Agenda items in Meetings are now displayed in a correct sort order when a Meeting is saved
  • General settings > License information, previously known as "Status". License information now includes Users, Responders, and Contacts.

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