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In today's online environment, a data breach is very critical. Login data can be easily exposed, stolen, and hacked if the system is not secured enough. According to Statista, which reports on the number of data breaches among different countries, the number of data breaches in the United States was 1,473 with over 16,468 million sensitive records exposed during 2019. As a solution to raise digital data security, digital technology systems have addressed creative authentication services to protect sensitive data against exposure, theft, and breaches in a matter of time. RAYVN offers a solid and up-to-date authentication solution to increase the digital data security of the RAYVN platform users to reduce online identity theft and a more straightforward login management system.

What is MFA?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is one of the most efficient security controls currently available in the market. The main goal behind MFA is to protect your organization against remote security attacks. RAYVN offers this functionality to add one extra layer of security to the RAYVN platform helping the account to be more secure even if the password is compromised.

The top four reasons that encouraged RAYVN to develop MFA functionality:

Password theft and cyber-attack are continually evolving

According to the Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report, more than 61% of small businesses are exposed to cyberattacks due to the lack of preparedness where they seem like an easy catch for many hackers from more prominent organizations. Therefore, our MFA solution can be enabled on each project among the RAYVN Customer Admin screen allowing users to reset their MFA code in case of theft or loss. Moreover, if a user is inactive for more than seven days, the user will be prompted for a new access code when the user logs in, to assure the highest security level.

Centralizes RAYVNs' user access management

This functionality allows RAYVN users with multiuser login to switch between projects among the platform with the same credentials from any location without a security code for 30 days. Hence, all information assets in control of the user are subjected to unified identity management (i.e., RAYVN Customer Admin)

Enhances the RAYVN user’s privacy

The MFA solution provides a much stronger assurance that the key information addressed in the RAYVN platform is only accessible to your authorized team of choice. We are aware of the potential highly sensitive data stored in RAYVN, and we want to make sure that this data is secured in the best possible way. Thus, the MFA functionality at our platform can be managed specifically for admin users in the Customer Admin dashboard.

Improves reliability

RAYVN’s MFA is meant to ensure a reliable protection system from hacking attempts. With MFA enabled, your account is protected with an extra layer of security, making it nearly impossible for hackers to bypass all authorization steps. We highly recommend adding this feature to your RAYVN’s platform. 

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By using a Multi-Factor Authentication you are taking an simple, yet important step to secure your account

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