How do You notify your personnel when critical events strike you?


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Home→Blog→emergency responseWhen an incident has occurred, there are several ways to notify your team, coworkers, and stakeholders. This blog article will give you an overview of some of the most common methods, along with the pros and cons.The easier, the better, and this is what RAYVN does so well with … Read More

Renewable Energy Providers response to crises


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Despite considerable efforts made by the renewable energy industry in mitigating risks, the number of incidents worldwide continues to grow, whether caused by nature or human-made errors. The widespread losses from such events require specific interventions at all levels to create an effective crisis response system, build organizational resilience, and … Read More

Hear why Bremnes Seashore chose RAYVN


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Bremnes Seashore AS is one of Norway’s leading suppliers of farmed salmon. With extensive experience, high levels of fish farming knowledge and innovation at every stage of the process, Bremnes Seashore have developed quality products that are in demand across the world.As a result of their many production facilities, in … Read More

Keolis Norway chooses RAYVN for their Light rail operations


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Background and challengesKeolis’ top priority is safety. Transporting approximately 45 000 passengers daily, as well as having drivers, dispatchers, and cleaners out on the rail line, various incidents in different scales may occur. The communication processes during these incidents were one of Keolis’ key challenges. Molijn states, “During an incident, … Read More

Top Cycling Event Chooses RAYVN Incident Management Software


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Background and challengesRolf Helge Bergseth is the Emergency Response Manager of Nordsjørittet. He’s worked the past 15 years building an Emergency Preparedness organization around Nordsjørittet. As the number of participant riders increased year by year, the number of accident increased as well. There was more competition between the riders, the … Read More

NorSea turns to RAYVN for a more effective incident management


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Background and challengesNorSea emergency preparedness organization is organized in different levels. The first level is industrial safety team, they are out in the field. Their main focus is to perform first aid and reduce damage on site. The second level is their tactical level, Emergency response team level 2 is … Read More