Why Siem Offshore changed its crisis management tool


Siem Offshore Vessel in Ice

Home→Blog→shippingUser-friendliness and cost were the main reasons why the international shipping company changed their crisis management tool to RAYVN.Our previous crisis management software was slow and difficult to use, it did not focus on user experience, and in general, we were unhappy with the level of user-friendliness and its functions. … Read More

Seatrans taking RAYVN to sea – managing critical events in the shipping industry


Seatrans Ship Karmsund

Home→Blog→shippingRAYVN completely simplifies crisis management, according to shipping company Seatrans. The crisis management tool improves collaboration, simplifies log-keeping from events, and provides a unified approach to handle an ongoing crisis.RAYVN provides the ability to focus on what really matters in times of crisisGisle Rong, CEORAYVN completely simplifies crisis management, according … Read More

A Spotlight on critical event management in the Maritime- and Shipping Industry


Ship in stormy weather

From natural disasters to reputation scandals, critical events can impact even the steadiest organizations. While many companies have critical event management procedures, most have not aligned these with the business’s strategic goals. They may not grasp the big picture or estimate the scale of the task at hand. Furthermore, many … Read More

The Port of Bergen


RAYVN Bergen Havn Port

The Port of Bergen is an inter-municipal company, consisting of 11 owner municipalities and the county of Hordaland. With approximately 83,000 ship calls a year and over 500,000 passengers, the port authorities requires good systems in crisis management, documentation, and notification. The Port of Bergen has therefore decided to use … Read More