Tour des Fjords chooses RAYVN


Alexander_Kristoff_winner_stage_2_Tour_des_Fjords RAYVN

We are proud to announce that Tour des Fjords selects RAYVN as their incident management software for the 2017 race. The race will be held the last week of May and will use RAYVN to coordinate and communicate with all personnel and teams during the race. With the help of geo-tracking in the mobile app, the race management will be able to see where all teams are located at all times.

In a huge event like this, incidents (small and big) can occur, and the race management team needs to be in full control over every aspect of the event. RAYVN enables this level of control.

When an incident occurs during the race, it is easily registered in RAYVN, and appropriate teams will be dispatched and notified to handle the incident at hand. When the incident has been properly taken care of, the specific incident will be closed. This functionality gives the race management full control over all ongoing operations and lets them choose which incidents need their immediate attention.

Tasks that need to be solved during the race are also added in RAYVN letting everyone know what they need to do.

In the end, RAYVN generates a complete report as a documentation of how the different incidents during Tour des Fjords were handled, which can be used for follow up and future event planning.

About Tour des Fjords

Tour des Fjords 2017 will be held May 24th – 28th and includes five stages, located in the western part of Norway. The race offers riders and spectators alike spectacular scenery, comprising deep fjords and high mountains. Learn more