Learn how Trondheim Municipality benefits from a collaborative approach to critical event management with RAYVN’s easy-to-use digital solution.

Jørgen B. Bakken, beredskapsrådgiver, Trondheim kommune
We are extremely impressed with the ease-of-use and collaborative features of the RAYVN solution. Our Unit for Security and Emergency Preparedness is able to support more than 200 sector-specific unit managers within the Trondheim Municipality. Looking forward, we are better prepared to work together with other relevant stakeholders to resolve any incident that impacts our community.

Jørgen Bjerkan Bakken

Emergency Adviser, Trondheim Municipality

Communities today face diverse, escalating and often complex risks to public safety and security. While many incidents can be managed locally by following standard procedures, others require more planning, preparation and coordination to resolve. To offer a few examples, cyber-security threats, public health emergencies, supply-chain risks, geopolitical conflicts and climate-related incidents number among the more difficult disruptions any community now faces.

Trondheim, NorwayIn response to such challenges, the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB) chose RAYVN for nation-wide emergency preparedness and critical event management in 2023. Since then municipalities across Norway have adopted the easy-to-use digital solution to align community-based planning and preparedness with national policies and best practices for coordination across the emergency response network.

For Trondheim Municipality, robust emergency preparedness requires a solution that simplifies the complex: to empower the right individuals to collaborate seamlessly and securely in real-time to resolve any incident efficiently. In January of 2023, Trondheim municipality created a dedicated Unit for Safety and Emergency Preparedness to support 212 sector-specific units for the community. Emergency Advisors for Trondheim Municipality, Henning Irvung and Jørgen Bjerkan Bakken, report that within a few short months they are already seeing the benefits of the RAYVN solution for improved emergency preparedness

Simplicity is Key

Ease-of-use is a very important feature of the RAYVN solution as it has made the solution easy to deploy. Users are quickly able to make use of the situation to resolve incidents. Henning Irvung observed, ‘Any critical event management solution has to support the various tasks and challenges that an emergency organization needs to undertake. The solution needs to be flexible and smart to support the processes and steps needed to resolve the incident. Overall, RAYVN provides excellent support for decision-making to coordinate action. The solution helps us to handle any incident effectively.’

Digitalization yields efficiency gains

With the RAYVN solution, everyone in Trondheim’s emergency response network gains situational awareness quickly when a critical event happens. The ability to mobilize the team and manage any incident are enhanced because everyone can work together securely in real-time to resolve the incident. With the solution, relevant updates and information can be sent directly to the right people in the emergency response network. And there is no need to send out separate emails or call someone because everyone gets the latest updates in one common place automatically. Digitalization saves time and enables easier coordination so that the municipality can respond more quickly to manage and resolve any incident.  

Collaboration when it counts

One of the key benefits of RAYVN is its ability to facilitate collaboration between different units and stakeholders. This is essential for effective incident management, as it allows for a rapid and coordinated response to any situation as well as to scale up to deliver a response appropriate to the situation, whether that is operational, tactical or strategic. As part of their emergency preparedness procedures Trondheim Municipality has tested how effectively the solution can be used to mobilize other levels of government. Jørgen Bjerkan Bakken has been impressed with the results of such exercises: ‘Once we set up our collaborative working relationships in the solution, we ran a practice test to see if we could mobilize the State Administrator.

Looking to the Future

Overall, Trondheim Municipality is very pleased with its decision to adopt RAYVN. The solution is a valuable asset in helping the municipality to prepare for and respond to incidents and emergency situations today. 

Looking forward, Trondheim Municipality plans to extend its use of RAYVN for emergency preparedness and critical event management through inter-municipal cooperation. 

For now and the future, RAYVN provides many benefits, including:

  • Optimized critical event management across operational and strategic levels
  • Intuitive, seamless coordination for efficient incident management
  • Enhanced efficiency through digitalization
  • Support for secure, scalable real-time incident management within the municipality and beyond 
  • Strengthened cooperation among diverse units and stakeholders
  • Facilitated inter-municipal collaboration

Trondheim Municipality is a model for other municipalities in Norway. By adopting RAYVN, Trondheim Municipality has demonstrated that it is serious about its commitment to emergency preparedness and critical event management.

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