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What is the most important part of producing a live event?

I’m sure a few thoughts quickly came to mind. However, it really is a trick question, as the answers received when asking this usually revolve around whatever the person we were speaking with was in charge of!

Obviously ensuring the safety of the participants and spectators is paramount. Nobody will argue that. Additionally, there is a tremendous amount of work that is done from initial stages of concept and planning to staging and setting up the facilities, to everything involved in the execution of the big day (or in some cases, days), that each play a critical role in the success of an event. If there is a breakdown in any area, there can be disastrous results.

For the reasons listed above, we’ve built RAYVN to be the perfect tool for helping you manage your event, ensuring it runs smoothly from planning, all the way to the last piece of equipment being removed from the site. Here’s how we’ve done it.

We put effective communication as the most important aspect of event management. This means easily organizing your staff and outside organizations into teams, and opening a channel of communication that is reliable and trackable.

We made the system incredibly easy to use. So even the most “technically challenged” staff can learn to use the system in minutes.

We put a premium on safety. It’s critical to have a system that allows teams to be quickly notified of an incident, assess the situation, and mobilize the needed resources to resolve an incident in a matter of seconds.

We made it easy to assign and track completion of tasks. Whether it’s adding additional security to a post, or making sure an overflowing trash can is emptied, RAYVN enables event control to quickly assign tasks to individuals or teams, and then monitor when they are completed.

We let you see where your staff is located. By using the mobile app, GPS tracks the location of your team, so you know people are where they are supposed to be.

We record all activity and give you reports. Events are a living and breathing organism, we allow you to learn from each day and apply that knowledge is moving forward, so you can constantly adapt as needed.

We put all of this in your pocket. With RAVYN, you have all of this power on our mobile app, so wherever your day takes you, you stay in command of your event.

If you are an event manager and you are looking for something that does all of this and more, than look no further. RAYVN is the solution you’ve been looking for.

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