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RAYVN offers state-of-the-art notification technology for organizations that need to be able to mobilize personnel quickly during incidents. Notifications are delivered over SMS, email, app notifications and voice call, ensuring that all personnel that needs to be informed or mobilized for the incident are reached. RAYVN also tracks all responses in such a way that you have a clear overview of all the information you need; who has received the message? Who has confirmed? Who has declined? Who are in action?

Since notifications can be based on pre-populated templates, they can be sent out to mobilize potentially hundreds of persons within seconds both from the web and the mobile app. This ensures that you can reach your team from wherever you are and always be sure they will respond.

Some of your stakeholders need information via email, others SMS, while others need the phone to ring. Don’t worry, RAYVN does it all. You can pre-configure which channels your teams should be reached out through, and make sure that their preferences are respected.

RAYVN does not stop when the mobilization has started like many other notification systems do. The work starts for RAYVN after mobilization has been requested. Now the incident will be handled through great tools for coordination, communication, and documentation, making life simpler for you and resolving the incident faster.

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