RAYVN signs partner agreement with London based RVision


RAYVN has signed a partner agreement with London based RVision. This is a strategically important partnership for RAYVN in two ways. First, RVision will give RAYVN a strong presence in the UK safety & security markets, Henrik von Schlanbusch, CEO of RAYVN states. Secondly our offerings are very complimentary. RVision’s expertise in biometrics and facial recognition, secure hardware and critical … Read More

Protocol in your pocket


When incidents occur, time is short, and decisions need to be made fast. Without proper protocol in place, this can lead to misunderstandings, necessary actions not executed, and unpredictable outcomes – potentially making the situation at hand even worse. RAYVN lets your organization define protocol for all imaginable situations. Prepare action cards and immediate action lists for your incident types, … Read More

When you need fast mobilization


RAYVN offers state-of-the-art notification technology for organizations that need to be able to mobilize personnel quickly during incidents. Notifications are delivered over SMS, email, app notifications and voice call, ensuring that all personnel that needs to be informed or mobilized for the incident are reached. RAYVN also tracks all responses in such a way that you have a clear overview … Read More

Hear why Bremnes Seashore chose RAYVN as their tool for incident management


About Bremnes Seashore365 employees3 dedicated hatcheries21 edible fish concessions + 3 R&D fish concessions22 locationsProduction: 200-300 metric tons per day, the equivalent of 12-18 full lorries, or 25 salmon portions per each Norwegian citizenTurnover: NOK 2.54 billion{%%{base64content PGxpIGNsYXNzPSJ4LWxpLWljb24iIHN0eWxlPSJtYXJnaW4tdG9wOiAxMHB4OyIgID48aSBjbGFzcz0ieC1pY29uLWNoZWNrIiBhcmlhLWhpZGRlbj0idHJ1ZSIgZGF0YS14LWljb24tcz0iJiN4ZjAwYzsiICA+PC9pPjIyIGxvY2F0aW9uczwvbGk+Cg== }%%}Other newsHow the RAYVN company manages the COVID-19 situationMarch 18, 2020RAYVN used by students of International Emergency Preparedness at the Artic University of Tromsø for … Read More

RAYVN signs partner agreement with Swedish Zennium


This agreement strengthens RAYVNs already strong presence in the Scandinavian market, Henrik von Schlanbusch, CEO of RAYVN, states. Zennium has the qualities we are looking for, delivering high-quality services and deep penetration in the Swedish market. Zennium’s locations, in central Stockholm, are perfect for delivering services bundled with RAYVNs software for incident management in central Sweden. Zennium’s personnel, with vast … Read More

Event Security Utilizes RAYVN to Reunite Lost Children and Parents

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Inside the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. Inside the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. The New York City Auto Show is held annually at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in mid-town Manhattan. It is one of the auto industry’s largest events in the world, with car manufacturers from across the globe showcasing their newest … Read More

Situational awareness in Incident management handling

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Through my years of Emergency Management training of multiple emergency preparedness organization, the same questions reveal itself: Do we agree on the same situational awareness on all levels within our emergency preparedness organization? 
Let’s take a step back and take a look at what defines situational awareness.    Situational awareness is the understanding of objects, events, people, system states, interactions, … Read More

The Ultimate Event Management Software

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I’m sure a few thoughts quickly came to mind. However, it really is a trick question, as the answers received when asking this usually revolve around whatever the person we were speaking with was in charge of! Obviously ensuring the safety of the participants and spectators is paramount. Nobody will argue that. Additionally, there is a tremendous amount of work … Read More

RAYVN signs partnership with NovuMare


NovuMare offers training and consultancy services within the maritime and environmental industry. Their area of business is mainly in the North Sea offshore sector, but the company has a global approach. Their expertise lays within oil spill response management and aquaculture. NovuMare will build on its strong position by offering RAYVN as part of their portfolio. The collaboration strengthens the … Read More