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Planning for a cyber attack

Mar. 23th 2023


Is cyber incident response part of your emergency preparedness and response plan?

Threats come in many forms. In the recent past, threats have come increasingly through the online activities of hackers and criminal organizations.

More and more, emergency response teams are having to understand and cope with cybersecurity threats. Many, accustomed to critical events involving property damage or personnel injury, now need to understand how to respond to a system breach that could impact an entire supply chain, a production facility, individual vessels, oil rigs, utility providers, and energy companies.

Join this web-based panel discussion with cybersecurity experts to learn more about the cyber threat and how you can be prepared for it.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • What constitutes a cyber threat or incident
  • How emergency response teams need to understand about different types of cyber threat
  • Why it is important to include cyber threats in your emergency response plan.
  • How the RAYVN solution can help

Who should attend:

  • IT security leaders and experts
  • Emergency response specialists and leaders
  • Head of Operations, Logistics
  • HSEQ Managers

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Time / duration

Tuesday, Mar. 23th at 15.00 h CET
45-minute panel discussion


Ed Hill

Ed Hill Profile Ed Hill joined the elite Royal Marines Commandos as a teenager, where he specialised as a sniper, conducting operational tours in Northern Ireland, Africa, and Iraq.

After leaving the military, Ed returned to Iraq as a private security contractor, provided armed protection to ships against Somali pirates, and worked as a personal bodyguard to wealthy people and A-list celebrities in London. Ed is now the CEO of Intrepid Protection, a London-based company that provides high-end protection services to high-net-worth individuals.

Vegard Vaage, Netsecurity

Vegard Vaage

Head of Penetration Testing & Incident Response at Netsecurity

Koen Matthys Profile

Koen Matthys

Chief Information Security Officer
Grieg Group