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Welcome to the

RAYVN Networking event

in the Hague

Friday June 16th, 2023


Emergency Response and Preparedness

There's no time for learning curves in a crisis

Critical events can strike anywhere, and at any time. Emergency response teams must focus on preparing for and managing the unexpected.

Please join us for this breakfast networking session that will focus on the ‘digital journey’ in emergency response and preparedness. We’ll hear from experts on how they create their emergency response plans, train their teams and the technologies involved in doing so.

You’ll also get an opportunity to share experiences and learn from your peers.

Attend this event to learn:

  • Learn from your peers about their emergency preparedness plans
  • Learn about future trends, such as AI-based emergency response preparation

Who should attend

  • Emergency Response and Preparedness Leaders & Teams  
  • HSEQ Managers
  • HR Business Partners
  • Operations directors
  • Logistics professionals



The residence - Royal Norwegian Embassy
Andries Bickerweg 4
2517 JP Den Haag

Agenda / sessions

09.00 am

09.30 am Ben van den Berg Business Development & Senior Crisis Management Trainer RelyOn Nutec
RelyOn Nutec – Evolution of Crisis Management Training
Ben van den Berg, Business Development & Senior Crisis Management Trainer

Trine Bjørnsen Profile 10.00 am
AI-based emergency preparedness training - how AI can support your response preparation
Trine Bjørnsen, CEO, SKLLS

10.30 am Erik Skaara Profile
RAYVN - the digital ‘boost’ to your emergency response preparation and management

Erik Skaara, Chief Business Development Officer, RAYVN

11.00 am
Questions and Answers & Networking

The residence of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in the Hague
Norwegian Embassy logo - The Hague NL