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Human Vulnerability: Crisis, Recovery & Resilience

Jan. 31 2024

Human vulnerability lies at the heart of any crisis, whether it incites an event, provokes an acute response in the moment, manifests as a post-traumatic stress disorder or poses longer term challenges. 

Brynjar Gunnarskog, a clinical psychologist and Head of Crisis Management at Molo BHT, discusses how a better understanding of human vulnerability helps individuals, communities and organisations to prepare for and manage the unexpected when a crisis arises. 

Join this webinar to understand human vulnerability factors into emergency preparedness, critical event management, post-incident recovery and initiatives to build resilience for the future.

Attend this webinar to learn
  • What critical events teach us about human vulnerability, such as the Oslo terror incident 
  • How to understand and manage human vulnerability during and after crises
  • How people respond during the acute phase of a traumatic incident and afterwards
  • How to manage the people involved from both short-term and long-term perspectives
Who should attend
  • Emergency Response and Preparedness Leaders & Teams  
  • Crisis managers / critical event management professionals
  • HSEQ Managers
  • HR Managers
  • Government, NGO and corporates
  • Mental health professionals / healthcare

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Time / duration

  • On Wed, Jan 31st 2024 @ 13.00 GMT / 14.00 CET
  • 45-minute presentation & discussion (in English)


Brynjar Gunnarskog

Brynjar Gunnarskog

Head of Crisis Management and Organization
Molo BHT

Lee Koenig Profile, CMO

Lee Koenig

CMO, Webinar Moderator