Background and challenges

International School Bangkok is a 35-acre campus with 1750 students from Pre-kindergarten – 12th grade. They also manage an environmental wilderness campus 2.5 hours out of town and a faculty housing complex. The school is located in the heart of a private community and is the main “community center” as there are no parks for other facilities. With a staff of approx. 500, it is a constant challenge to keep protocols and procedures updated across campus and provide easy access to those procedures. Hence, they struggle with having security logs accessible between the three locations and a way to communicate situation and incident updates across all areas.

Experience with rayvn

RAYVN has provided ISB a quick, easy, and user-friendly way to address security incidents and have a running activity log. According to Mark Hevland, the Head of Risk Management, “To use RAYVN as an emergency management tool, I believe it’s important that people use it on a daily basis. If they aren’t familiar with the system, it won’t be used when a true emergency happens.” Therefore, ISB’s strategy is to start small and build on the system. To start using RAYVN as their daily security logging, they have moved all of their security patrol logs onto the system. Each shift starts a “Log” from the pre-defined templates and every guard on that shift is added. Throughout the shift, routine “tasks” are completed and logged.

Standard “Sub-Incidents” have also been created to help track what the guards are dealing with on a daily/monthly basis during the security patrol. As many of the security team speak limited English, most log entries are dictated in Thai, but photos are also uploaded. “This way I can at least see what is going on and can then get updates from my security manager. I’ve been able to remotely monitor the activity happening at our environmental center and can add tasks and incidents as needed”, Mark claims. Other than the daily security logging, ISB is planning to have their upcoming emergency drill with RAYVN in the “Exercise” mode option. Their medical team will also begin using RAYVN to document injuries on campus which require follow up investigations. As stated by Mark, “RAYVN has a wide range of applications. I feel we are currently using it at 20% of its capabilities. As we move forward, we will begin to bring more and more processes into RAYVN with the hope of transferring our entire emergency response plan into it.”


  • Security log
  • Incident tracking
  • Task logs
  • Photo evidence to support log entries
  • Key event log entry
  • Copy of Medical incident reporting

top benefits of using RAYVN

  • Online, real-time access
  • Clear reports detailing key issues on campus
  • Ability to make sure all required tasks are completed and when
  • A picture is worth a thousand words
  • Photo, incident details, and log time/date stamp
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about ISB

Widely recognized as one of the premier international schools in the world, International School Bangkok (ISB) has been providing quality education since 1951 to expatriates representing more than 60 countries.

Conveniently located just outside the heart of the city, ISB’s 15-hectare campus is nestled in a beautiful community called Nichada Thani.

RAYVN provides a clear and simple documentation that is archived and easily accessible. Ability to provide a clear response plan and make updates from a global level that push to all users instantly.Mark Hedland

Mark Hedland

Head of Risk management at ISB

Each shift starts a “Log” from the pre-defined templates and every guard on that shift is added. Throughout the shift, routine “tasks” are completed and logged. Mark Hedland

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