Lidingöloppet improves incident handling using RAYVN


Every September, 70,000 people visit the small Swedish island Lidingö to participate in Lidingöloppet, a race that since its humble start in 1965, has grown to become the world’s largest terrain race.

 Safety is essential when that many people gathered in a small area. Lidingöloppet is now using RAYVN to manage incidents that occur before, during and after the race.

Improved planning, communication and documentation

RAYVN is a valuable tool for Lidingöloppet that provides the race organization with a shared situational understanding, enabling the team to make well-informed decisions whenever needed. This article (in Swedish) explains shortly how Zennium, our Swedish partner, RAYVN assists Lidingöloppet. In short, RAYVN helps Lidingöloppet plan ahead of the competition, and provides them with real-time information sharing during the race. Later on, RAYVN compiles all data in a nice-looking evaluation report, that helps the race make improvements to the future races. RAYVN´s user-friendly and mobile-supported interface makes it easy to access and use the system, providing everyone with the latest updated information, from wherever they are.

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