Eirik Mjøen and Patricia Vasconcelos – our new Strategic Advisors


We are very happy to start the 2019-summer with extending our team with Patricia Vasconcelos and Eirik Mjøen as new Strategic Advisors. Their extensive expertise will provide our customers with a strategic perspective on how RAYVN can benefit the emergency preparedness work in their organizations.

Patricia Vasconcelos

Patricia, who immigrated to Norway from Brazil 17 years ago, has a long and solid experience from Aquaculture,  International trade, Marine and special risks Insurance. As a fluent speaker in Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Norwegian, she will be a welcome addition to our internationally focused team. Patricia will have a  special focus on Spain, Portugal, and Brazil, and will work from our office in Bergen. On her spare time, Patricia is also working on a masters degree in Democracy studies.

Eirik will work from our coming office in the Trondheim-region. Eirik gave up his own company to become a RAYVN-employee. Curious to learn why he made such a drastic step, we asked him, and he answered that “I first learned about RAYVN through a group-task under my Bachelor study in Emergency preparedness and crisis management at Innlandet College last year. As soon as we put RAYVN into use, the group immediately started functioning as a team that exchanged information, performed assigned tasks, etc. without having received any significant training. We finished everything by printing a detailed automatically generated log. That was a unique and very good experience, to meet RAYVN, a much easier to use emergency preparedness tool than I had ever seen before. I was really impressed!  The great user-friendliness that makes it possible for anyone to use RAYVN with little or no training, makes we have great faith in the future of RAYVN. If you choose to spend some extra time and set up RAYVN according to your contingency and action plans, you automatically provide your organization with competency, information and the tool they need to manage any kind of situation in the most effective way. This is a ride I want to be on, and that is why I left my company to become a full-time RAYVN employee”.

Eirik´s experience spans work within the Norwegian armed forces, providing winter-training to the US Marine Corps in Norway as well as action and adventure sports.

Eirik Mjøen

The RAYVN team is really pleased to welcome Eirik and Patricia as our two new team members. RAYVN is presently scaling up, and we will soon welcome another two new team-members in August as well.

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