Plans and pricing


Monthly for 1 full license
  • Based on an annual subscription
  • Valid for license volumes of up to 50 licenses

No startup or implementation cost

Unlimited use

Provision free licenses to partners and stakeholders

End-to-end digitalization of your Emergency Response Strategy

License model

RAYVN's licensing options allow you to add responders and invite external stakeholders to collaborate during incidents at no extra cost. 

Full license

  • Unlimited use of RAYVN web-based solution and app
  • Multiple notification options, including SMS/text, app notification, phone, and email
  • Dynamic task management and tracking
  • 24/7 customer support


per user/month
  • Expands response team without a full license or RAYVN access.
  • Allows individuals to receive and reply to text / SMS notifications


Included in a full license
  • Update contact lists free of charge to be used for enterprise-wide notifications
  • Contacts can receive notifications by text/SMS and do not require access to RAYVN

Emergency Communications Solution

Update everyone when it really matters

High-speed notification functionality

  • Available from
    per year
  • Integrated into the RAYVN Critical Event Management solution

Expand your emergency response network

With RAYVN, you can collaborate with external stakeholders at no additional cost. You can provide them with a full free license of RAYVN, allowing them their own RAYVN access as well as the ability to join you in managing a response.

Stakeholder license

1 free license per stakeholder
  • Stakeholders you invite will receive a full RAYVN license free of charge
  • This feature is unique to our Critical Event Management System and is included in your subscription

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