A Proactive approach to reopening your business after COVID


OSHA Guidelines require Employers to provide a safe work environment. The RAYVN Platform can help you understand and plan for the Systemic Risk of reopening your business. Our COVID-19 Log Templates are designed to assist you in the assessment of these risks while implementing the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommendations. Use RAYVN to implement and monitor your: … Read More

Former Google Norway CEO, Jan Grønbech, invests in RAYVN


Article from Finansavisen The Norwegian newspaper Finansavisen focuses on RAYVN in this article. Jan Grønbech, the former CEO of Google Norway, has joined RAYVN´s growing team of highly skilled and profiled investors. Grønbech saw the potential in RAYVN before the Corona Pandemic. As RAYVN-CEO Henrik von Schlanbusch states in the article, companies’ need for effective and affordable tools for managing … Read More

How the RAYVN company manages the COVID-19 situation


RAVYN is affected by the Corona pandemic as all other organizations. We take the situation extremely seriously and want to share a glimpse of the measures we take to reduce the risks posed by the COVID-19-virus: All employees work from home All meetings are held via videoconferences Daily status meetings are held with key personnel, using RAYVNs status meeting functionality. … Read More

RAYVN February Release


RAYVN is deeply committed to creating a tool according to our customer’s feedback and needs. Their first-hand experiences from managing critical events in real-life directly impacts how we continuously work to create an even more valuable tool. This month we’re releasing an update with significant new features and improvements. What’s new

RAYVN used by students of International Emergency Preparedness at the Artic University of Tromsø for real-time tabletop exercise


Lars Askvig (first on the left) together with IEP-students from the Artic University of Tromsø Lars Askvig (first on the left) together with IEP-students from the Artic University of Tromsø The Bachelor of International Emergency Preparedness students (IEP-students) at the Arctic University of Tromsø (UiT) used RAYVN last week to simulate a crisis and effectively train on their crisis response with students … Read More

Why 4Service chose RAYVN


With more than 2500 employees distributed on close to 200 locations and facilities, 4Service saw the need for an incident management tool. In January 2019, 4service entered an agreement with Total Safety, a Stavanger-based RAYVN partner, to purchase a RAYVN-subscription and to have Total Safety train their preparedness-organization. We visited 4Service’s Headquarter in Oslo and interviewed their CEO, Tor Rønhovde, … Read More

4Service signs with RAYVN


Stian Stenlund, HSEQ Manager 4Service, and Rune Aadnøy from Total Safety Stian Stenlund, HSEQ Manager 4Service, and Rune Aadnøy from Total Safety Our trusted partner Total Safety just signed a three-year agreement with 4Service. 4Service is a major service provider with their over 2500 employees. 4Service accommodate catering and cleaning services, and RAYVN will be used all three of their … Read More

RAYVN signs partner agreement with Swedish Zennium


This agreement strengthens RAYVNs already strong presence in the Scandinavian market, Henrik von Schlanbusch, CEO of RAYVN, states. Zennium has the qualities we are looking for, delivering high-quality services and deep penetration in the Swedish market. Zennium’s locations, in central Stockholm, are perfect for delivering services bundled with RAYVNs software for incident management in central Sweden. Zennium’s personnel, with vast … Read More

Situational awareness in Incident management handling

Erik SkaaraNews

Through my years of Emergency Management training of multiple emergency preparedness organization, the same questions reveal itself: Do we agree on the same situational awareness on all levels within our emergency preparedness organization? 
Let’s take a step back and take a look at what defines situational awareness.    Situational awareness is the understanding of objects, events, people, system states, interactions, … Read More

The Ultimate Event Management Software

John WilliamsNews

I’m sure a few thoughts quickly came to mind. However, it really is a trick question, as the answers received when asking this usually revolve around whatever the person we were speaking with was in charge of! Obviously ensuring the safety of the participants and spectators is paramount. Nobody will argue that. Additionally, there is a tremendous amount of work … Read More