In the digital age, integrating cyber incident response into emergency plans is crucial due to the severe impact cyberattacks can have on organizations. Rapid and effective responses are needed to mitigate damages, yet many companies need help to combine necessary expertise with decisive action.

The upcoming webinar will offer insights into preparing for and managing cyber incidents, highlighting the role of risk management in formulating response strategies.

Take the surprise out of a cybersecurity incident thumb


  • Emergency response insights related to structure, systems, competence, and organizational culture
  • Most recent best practices for Crisis- and Emergency plans
  • Key elements to an effective response
  • How to adapt a sound training- and exercise philosophy
  • Stakeholder Management
  • How the RAYVN solution can help
Our Experts
  • Speaker: Brynjar Gunnarskog, Head of Crisis Management and Organization, Molo BHT
  • Moderator: Lee Koenig, Chief Revenue Officer, RAYVN

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