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Managing a crisis is complicated.

Your Critical Event Management System should not have to be.

Transform your Emergency Response

Automate your plans and your Emergency Response. Use RAYVN as a shared platform to notify, and communicate with your teams in an effective and secure manner.

Notify teams and stakeholders faster

 RAYVN pushes notifications on multiple platforms simultaneously. You can be confident that everyone will receive the notification, while RAYVN tracks everyone’s response.

Sending notificationsMonitoring response1111

Host meetings on the fly

Conduct structured meetings during critical events. Communicate through the built-in audio/video channel to establish a shared situational awareness. Document decisions and set focus.

Agenda: Focus TasksMake decisions

Communicate in a shared feed

RAYVN automatically logs all communication and actions in a shared feed. Team members can monitor the feed, and add log entries from any location. Sharing images and files in the feed makes it easier to establish a common understanding of the situation at hand.

Join callJoin call

Task management

Quickly add tasks and checklists that need to be addressed. Everyone can review open tasks in RAYVNs mobile or web app. Set extra focus on tasks by assigning specific tasks to individuals and setting deadlines. RAYVN will notify users when tasks are due.

RAYVN task animations

Collaborate with external stakeholders

Connect with external stakeholders, and use RAYVN as a platform to collaborate with your stakeholders. Notify, and push important information to selected stakeholders. Ask for assistance, or inform them about the current status that might affect them.

Reports and analytics

Download detailed reports of your incident management. Use the automatically generated reports as a basis for documentation and review of how you managed the event. See stats and analytics from critical events.

Push information to extended teams RAYVN

Expand the reach of your primary Emergency Response Organization in RAYVN, by sending messages to individuals or a group, eg, board of directors, employees, etc, by text/SMS and email.

Use rayvn across the globe

RAYVN operates from multiple server locations across the globe. While using RAYVN in a global market, the server distribution will supply fast connection times and secure the stability of the service.

Vårt gamle IT-verktøy for krisehåndtering var vanskelig og tungvint å bruke. Det var ikke spesielt brukervennlig, og organisasjonen var generelt misfornøyd med brukervennligheten og funksjonene. Vi har nå fått hele organisasjonen, på alle nivåer, til å bruke verktøyet. Det er en stor styrke for beredskapen og krisehåndteringen.
Dag E. Snemyr, HSEQ Director-SIEM Offshore

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