Windco selects RAYVN as key part of its emergency response strategy

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Home→Blog→UncategorizedRenewable energy specialist Windco AS chooses RAYVN to ensure safe operations in challenging environments.Preparedness is essential for Windco; using RAYVN as our solution for Emergency preparedness means that we can take a proactive and structured approach should an incident occur.Jonas HovlandCEO, Windco ASFast facts: WindcoWindco was established in Egersund in … Read More

Windco velger RAYVN som en sentral del av sin beredskapsstrategi

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Home→Blog→UncategorizedWindco AS valgte nylig RAYVN som sin løsning for å sikre en effektiv beredskap og håndtering av kritiske hendelser. Bruk av RAYVN hjelper Windco for å sikre drift og vil være en et viktig element i deres beredskapsstrategi.Beredskap er avgjørende for Windco. Å bruke RAYVN som vår løsning for beredskap … Read More

With RAYVN, Eviny achieves increased preparedness for critical events

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Home→Blog→UncategorizedEviny was looking for a digital critical event management solution to improve the exchange of information, notification, and mobilization. The solution had to be user-friendly and intuitive with simple logging. The choice fell on RAYVN. The feedback from Eviny is that the implementation has been effective and easy – the … Read More

4 Tips for an effective Digital Crisis Management


Home→Blog→UncategorizedIs your crisis management plan a Castle in the air? Is it incompetent to do the job it was made for? What if a crisis strikes tomorrow? Is it actionable enough to manage a crisis without delays and complications? Or is it only useful in theory? If your plan is … Read More

7 Steps to Help You Through a Crisis


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Home→Blog→UncategorizedEvery organization is vulnerable to crises and unforeseen critical events. They often happen quickly and unexpectedly, creating serious damages to business resources. How an organization responds and reacts has a long-term impact on its brand reputation. Thus, crisis management shouldn’t be only reactive; it should also consider pre-protective measures and … Read More

6 Reasons to Digitize Your Crisis Management


6 reasons to Digitize Your Crisis Management

Home→Blog→UncategorizedWhen an unforeseen critical event strikes, your organizations must respond at lightning speed to get ahead of a critical situation. Traditionally, many decision-makers and executives use manual crisis management plans to decide the next actions and responses. However, these hard-copy plans are not actionable and don’t sustain real-time response and … Read More

How do You notify your personnel when critical events strike you?


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Home→Blog→UncategorizedWhen an incident has occurred, there are several ways to notify your team, coworkers, and stakeholders. This blog article will give you an overview of some of the most common methods, along with the pros and cons.The easier, the better, and this is what RAYVN does so well with the … Read More