Putting safety first at the Port of Bergen

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RAYVN Bergen Havn Port

Home→Blog→Vertical pageSince 2013 Bergen Havn, the Port of Bergen, has used RAYVN as their system for critical event management. In the following years, Christian Hafstad, Harbour Master at Port of Bergen, has seen significant changes in the world of critical event management and RAYVN itself.There have been major changes and … Read More

Why Siem Offshore changed its crisis management tool

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Siem Offshore Vessel in Ice

Home→Blog→Vertical pageUser-friendliness and cost were the main reasons why the international shipping company changed their crisis management tool to RAYVN.Our previous crisis management software was slow and difficult to use, it did not focus on user experience, and in general, we were unhappy with the level of user-friendliness and its … Read More

Seatrans taking RAYVN to sea – managing critical events in the shipping industry

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Seatrans Ship Karmsund

Home→Blog→Vertical pageRAYVN completely simplifies crisis management, according to shipping company Seatrans. The crisis management tool improves collaboration, simplifies log-keeping from events, and provides a unified approach to handle an ongoing crisis.RAYVN provides the ability to focus on what really matters in times of crisisGisle Rong, CEORAYVN completely simplifies crisis management, … Read More