Hear why Bremnes Seashore chose RAYVN as their tool for incident management


Bremnes Seashore AS is one of Norway’s leading suppliers of farmed salmon. With extensive experience, high levels of fish farming knowledge and innovation at every stage of the process, Bremnes Seashore have developed quality products that are in demand across the world.

As a result of their many production facilities, in a hostile environment, they have over the years achieved lots of experience in HSE, and how to train personnel on their locations.

Bremnes Seashore has chosen RAYVN as their incident management tool. RAYVN provides a solution to many of the challenges that an organization like this is presented with when an incident occurs.

RAYVN recently interviewed Silje K. Alvsvåg, HSE Manager. Hear why Bremnes Seashore chose RAYVN, and how they will utilize it in their organization.

About Bremnes Seashore
  • 365 employees
  • 3 dedicated hatcheries
  • 21 edible fish concessions + 3 R&D fish concessions
  • 22 locations
  • Production: 200-300 metric tons per day, the equivalent of 12-18 full lorries, or 25 salmon portions per each Norwegian citizen
  • Turnover: NOK 2.54 billion


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