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According to the recent Cybersecurity Ventures report global cybercrimes’ will cost the world $6 trillion by 2021. Cybercrimes will remain a huge concern for years to come due to common vulnerabilities in firm systems. Instances of cyberattacks occur across organizations in unpredictable patterns that can hit at any time.

But, How can organizations respond to cyberattacks? it will not be enough to cut the attackers off by shutting down computers, systems, or even your connection! You have to be prepared to respond as fast as you can. 

To help, RAYVN provides you with easy-to-implement tips to help you plan, respond, and recover from cyberattacks incidents.


Plan your steps

It is the time to determine your actionable plan, which must outline key elements such as how to contact your response team? What data do you need to push? Who else needs to be notified if their data has been stolen (i.e., customers, data owners, or partners)? Do I need to seek law enforcement?

RAYVN recommends that organizations adopt an integral communication and crisis management system consisting of a reliable multi-channel emergency alerting system. That is a system that pushes notifications to multiple users and can involve related stakeholders in a matter of seconds.

A cyberattack can cripple your organization's IT systems and prevent access to key computer systems and hinder communication flow during the incident. Rayvn offers you an independent crisis management system that is not linked nor dependent on our internal systems and will allow effective communication during an emergency. RAYVN will help you to respond promptly to incidents and smooth your communication with the right response team.

Identify your internal-response team

Effective communication plays a core role during critical events, cyberattacks, for example. It allows you to ensure that all relevant players share the same situational awareness. Once a cyberattack hits, It's vital to have a communication in-place system that enables you to communicate, share information, and ensure that everyone is informed. For example, the RAYVN platform allows you to assign personnel to handle tasks during the incident and set deadlines for task completion.

Take a critical assessment of the situation

It is essential to assess your actual capabilities to confront a cyberattack. Sometimes you will find out that your internal response team lacks sufficient competences to handle cyberattackers! Luckily, some external professionals are specialized in facing cyberattacks. In such scenarios, it is best to collaborate with external parties to unite the efforts of preventing and recovering from cyberattacks.

A reliable crisis management system is a must!

Your recovery plan must determine what happened precisely and thoroughly during the cyberattack. So, all you need to have is an automated log system that documents responses and all the steps that have been taken during the cyberattack. RAYVN, for example, allows you to automatically generate reports based on the recorded logs during the cyberattack. This, indeed, will help you document and evaluate how your organization managed the cyberattack situation. Although it is difficult to predict how and where cyberattacks will be directed, it is important to be prepared by building a culture of crisis preparedness in your organization. Implementing a tool for crisis management is an important part of that process.

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