Great Dane Airlines – using RAYVN on a daily basis


Great Dane Airlines Crew in front of plane

Home→Blog Great Dane Airlines is a RAYVN customer within the aviation industry. We asked them to participate in an interview to share their experience in using RAYVN on a daily basis. We were so lucky to get an interview with the Chief Operating Officer,  Stinne Dalsø. Stinne DalsøChief Operating OfficerGreat Dane Airlines Can you give a brief description of Great … Read More

Post-Incident Management


Home→Blog After dealing with an incident or a crisis, there should always be room for post-incident management, hot wash, group debriefs, evaluation, and learning to extract necessary information that can help improve our response or simply address a situation during the incident. Highly effective teams and organizations use post-incident management to learn from their mistakes and improve their processes. In … Read More

3 Strategies to enhance your Business Operations during crises and COVID-19


Today, many businesses are striving to defy the dilemma of staying connected with the workforce due to the posed consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic. For example, the pandemic’s imposed quarantine has closed doors to millions of employees and companies worldwide, which by then has undoubtedly changed the working habits and communication modes, leaving behind heavy losses. The UN summarized … Read More

Prepare an Emergency Response Plan for Cybersecurity Incidents


Cyber-attacks (known as online data breaches) have become more frequent, causing data leaks, network outages, financial losses, and damaging companies’ work, reputation and hinder their ability to recover the stolen data. So far this year, the number of data breaches and cyber-attacks reached more than 878 million records. In December 2020 alone, 148 million data breach records were reported. Generally, … Read More

Potentials Unlocked: Critical Event Management Platforms in the Renewable Energy Sector


Solar Energy Panels

In recent years, the world has witnessed an accelerating growth in renewable energy resource deployment, including solar and wind natural originates. Without harming the planet, renewable energy sources could generate clean power such as electricity without carbon emissions. In addition to the benefits of protecting the earth from the ‘dirty’ fossil emissions, renewable energy generates efficient and cost-effective power. Every … Read More

The Maritime Industry – facing critical events in a digital world


Stakeholders in the Shipping Industry

The digitalization wave has revolutionized the maritime industry, thus calling operators to quickly respond to rapid changes to handle critical events using digital smart systems. The traditional methods for managing critical events, using pen and paper, is not convenient anymore and hinder monitory, tracking, and controlling incidents. Without an integrated, comprehensive, and up-to-date Critical Event Management (CEM) support system, it … Read More

Renewable Energy Providers response to crises


Despite considerable efforts made by the renewable energy industry in mitigating risks, the number of incidents worldwide continues to grow, whether caused by nature or human-made errors. The widespread losses from such events require specific interventions at all levels to create an effective crisis response system, build organizational resilience, and promote risk-informed development.  For these reasons, organizations have to prepare … Read More

A Spotlight on critical event management in the Maritime- and Shipping Industry


Ship in stormy weather

From natural disasters to reputation scandals, critical events can impact even the steadiest organizations. While many companies have critical event management procedures, most have not aligned these with the business’s strategic goals. They may not grasp the big picture or estimate the scale of the task at hand. Furthermore, many of these companies lack the needed resources to deal with … Read More

RAYVN attracts new investors while heading for new markets


Henrik von Schlanbusch in the RAYVN office

Hard work pays off! We are proud to announce that RAYVN is now better positioned than ever before. We are expanding our presence in several markets globally. RAYVNs business value has grown from $9.5 million to $16.5 million during the COVID-19 pandemic with a new capital investment by DSD AS and Investinor. It has been a momentum performance driven by … Read More

How can RAYVN help the fish farming industry?


Fish farm in a cloudy environment in Norway

For hundreds of years, fish farming has been practiced in many parts of the world, and farmed fish products have become one of the world’s most traded food types. However, over the last few years, various natural and human-induced events have posed threats to fish farms and workers’ safety. Problems such as marine and industrial pollution, algae outbreaks, extreme weather … Read More