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Critical event management for 


RAYVN is the most intuitive incident management tool for handling critical events. RAYVN allows you to make the right decision when your fish-farm is exposed to disease transfer, lice and pollution, and other incidents, also including your employee's overall safety.
RAYVN enables you to:


Notify, respond, document, track and collaborate in one platform only


RAYVN is a very user-friendly system and is suitable for small and large organizations and training requirement to a minimum


Share updates, technical alerts, and notifications to your personnel, teams, and your external partners!



  • Activate your personnel within seconds on your various facilities
  • Incorporate your existing plans into actionable plans in RAYVN
  • Your predefined plans in RAYVN takes care of who to notify and automatically adds relevant tasks according to your action plan

Notification and communication in real-time

  • When exposed to a critical event, like escaped fish, etc, RAYVN can notify your teams immediately, in addition to your external partners you need to collaborate with
  • RAYVN can send notifications as automated phone calls, SMS, Email, and app notifications
  • After the notifications are sent your teams and partners can start sharing information and tasks in real-time

Effective Collaboration with external partners

  • Build a network of your external partners in RAYVN, and involve them in managing ongoing events
  • Neighboring fish farming facilities, insurance companies, local fishing resources, environmental agencies, public agencies

Automatic Documentation /  evaluation

  • All communications, tasks, and statuses are automatically documented in RAYVN
  • Automatically generate reports to document and evaluate how your organization managed the situation based on all the log entries and data from RAYVN

Customer perspective

"We have created pre-defined incidents in RAYVN so that when an unwanted situation occurs, by simply using a mobile app, you can easily find any of the predefined scenarios, and create an event. And alert the teams you need to mobilize to be able to manage the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible."

"RAYVN provides real-time information to all teams and involved people as the situation unfolds. It considerably reduces the use of phones between those involved. When you are done, and the incident has been managed, you will get an automatically generated report. It saves us a lot of resources in the aftermath of the incident in terms of paperwork and logging of the event".

Silje K. Alvsvåg, HSE Manager

Bremnes Seashore uses RAYVN to notify personnel and teams, and manage any kind of incident. See the interview with their HSE Manager - Silje K. Alvsvåg. (The interview is in Norwegian but with English captions)

collaborate with your external partners

RAYVN lets you define your network of the external partners you need to collaborate with, providing effective inter-organization collaboration during critical events; through our simple and easy to use platform. Communication and collaboration between organizations have been easier while managing your critical event.

Use cases for aquafarming

Escaped fish

Escaped fish causes heavy losses, and may risk the companies reputation. When a fish farm is exposed to an escaped fish incident, the faster people respond the less losses they mitigate!

While you may not have all the needed resources to respond appropriately  to such an unexpected incident, the prompt collaboration between you and external specialists and partners can help you recover and return to normality faster.

By using RAYVN, you will be able to act instantly, and notify and activate all your personnel and teams. 


RAYVN allows you to notify and involve predefined persons in seconds. In the event of escapes, short response time is crucial. Those who receive the notification can also respond to the alert, and thus you can be assured that the appropriate persons have received a notice and that you will receive the help you need. All notifications can be sent out via SMS, e-mail, and push notifications in a mobile app, in addition to automated phone calls.

Bring people together

RAYVN allows you to involve and report external partners as specialized authorities and notify and alert neighboring companies about the incident. 

Leverage and share location escaped fish data

With RAYVN, you can track the positional data of your team and share the location of the incident, for example where the fish escaped from, with interested external parties such as authorities and neighboring companies.

Pollution and diseases

Fish farm safety is considered a complex issue; it requires a collaborative system with different internal and external stakeholders to contain the impact of critical events such as pollution, algae, and other diseases.

RAVYN helps aquafarms to safely resume a safe environment with a robust alert and emergency system. RAVYN allows you to:

Alert your personnel

With widely distributed teams; onshore and offshore, the traditional communication ways don’t offer sufficient emergency communication systems. RAYVN helps you quickly communicate with your team during critical events.

Seek help from external resources

RAYVN allows you to involve external partners during critical events to mitigate the effect of pollution or algae.

Document how you managed the incident

Every communication and action done with RAYVN is collected and stored automatically, with the click of a button, you can recreate the timeline for how the situation has been carried out.

Some of our customers in Aquafarming

Grieg Seafood logo
Salmon Group Logo

RAYVN is suitable for both international, and local-based Aqua-farming businesses.  RAYVN is currently being used in fish farming companies with production facilities and personnel reaching across continents. RAYVNs flexibility makes it perfect to manage both incidents which only impact a specific facility as well as coping with situations that impact your international operations.

RAYVN in Aquafarming

A short teaser for using RAYVN in the Aquafarming industry

Bremnes Seashore - interview

Bremnes Seashore uses RAYVN as their incident management system - to notify personnel and teams and to manage any kind of incident. See interview with their HSE Manager - Silje K. Alvsvåg. (The interview is in Norwegian, but you can turn on English captions.

Introduction to RAYVN

A short video that features RAYVNs general functionality.

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