Emergency Communications Solution

Update everyone when it really matters

New high-speed notification functionality in RAYVN

The new high-speed notification functionality in RAYVN

Instant text notification functionality - 10X faster than standard RAYVN notification

Integrated into the RAYVN Critical Event Management solution

Designed as emergency communications in event of network breach


High-speed throughput

Send thousands of texts/SMS within seconds.

Usage reporting

See what notifications have been sent and how many SMS segments have been used

Live sending monitoring with error tracking

Understand who’s received the notification or not

Trigger a company-wide emergency notification process

Send mass notifications from within a RAYVN incident log

How to get started with the
Emergency Communications Solution (ECS)

ECS Bundle

Emergency Communication Solution

2 RAYVN users

Bundle price $1 570Click here for pricing information

ECS Module

Activate the Emergency Communication Solution in your current RAYVN account

Immediate activation possible

Module price $ 975Contact us for activation

SMS segment price based on customer location and requirements

Usage scenarios

Cyber attack

 All IT systems down comprised, need to inform staff

Customer impact

Comprised supply chain or issues or imminent danger

Silent evacuation

Dangerous spill, fire, active shooter necessitating an evacuation

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