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Notify everyone – in seconds

by using


RAYVN will send an SMS to your personnel. If you ask for a response, everyone can answer with “Yes”, “Ok” or “No”.

Automated phonecalls

The phone calls, informing everyone that their attention is needed. Perfect if you need to reach persons during the night time or in noisy environments See how it works

RAYVN App notification

The RAYVN apps notification will take you directly in to the active incident, and let see updated information immediately


The email can include information about the incident, as well as detailed information for further actions / tasks

By using up to four different channels of notifications simultaneously, you are almost sure to attract the attention to the persons that you want to reach.

RAYVN collects everyones response

After everyone has been notified,
you will usually like a response from your personnel

RAYVN automatically collects the responses

Example of uses:

  • Industrial / Production companies

    To notify emergency response teams and personnel

  • Healthcare facilities

    To notify personnel about an ongoing situation

  • Security services

    To inform security personnel about incidents during events or daily operations

  • Public services

    in need of notifying and coordinating multiple services to handle critical and complex situations

  • Schools and educational institutions

    to notify students or teachers of critical events

  • Events

    Notify you personnel and teams about incidents during the event

  • Lone workers

    Reach assistance if needed by notifying your co-workers/safety team

Save time

Time spent on notifying and gathering response will be reduced significantly by using RAYVN

Automated phonecalls with RAYVN

Introduction to RAYVN

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