System for notification and management of unwanted incidents for

Industrial safety

RAYVN has digitized our call sheets and contingency plans. We have created pre-defined incidents in RAYVN, so that when an unwanted situation occurs, you can easily use a mobile app to create an event and select one of the predefined scenarios. RAYVN will then notify your preferred teams in order to manage the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We have seen the need for acquiring a contingency system. When something happens, "the golden 30 minutes", and the phones are constantly calling... By using RAYVN as an incident management system to notify and share information in real-time to all involved, we find extremely useful.

Silje K. Alvsvåg
HSE Manager
Bremnes Seashore

User-friendly solution for management of critical events

  • Document unwanted incidents

  • Fast and effective notifications

  • Distribute tasks according to type of incident

  • Conduct and document exercises

Use rayvn to:

  • Notify your emergency response organization

    Are you able to notify your emergency response organization quickly enough if something happens? RAYVN notifies predefined teams and personnel in seconds, while at the same time providing you with a live overview of which personnel that is available in the specific situation. Notifications are sent via SMS, automated phone call, email, and app notification.

  • Communicate with the emergency personnel in real time

    Is it difficult to keep everyone updated at all time? After the notification is sent, everyone gets access to a real-time log, which can be accessed via a mobile app or a web browser. Share text and images instantly, and don't waste precious time by giving out the same information several times.

  • Assign tasks

    Getting people to do tasks as described in the emergency plan is not easy ... Many people are often involved in managing incidents and complex situations. RAYVN let you implement tasks according to the various scenarios that the emergency response refers to, and also include all tasks that must be carried out in different situations. Everyone involved can view and complete tasks by using the mobile app, and you can easily add new tasks and assign them to persons, and set deadlines.

  • Send important information to the organization - RAYVN collects the response

    Is it difficult to get confirmation that everyone has received important information? If you send out messages via RAYVN, you can ask people to give feedback, and RAYVN gathers all the response. That way, you can be sure and document who has received the information. - "For all personnel: Due to bad weather, we must wind up all of today's operations. Answer with OK to confirm that you have received the message".

  • Automatic documentation of the incident management

    Do you spend hours and days on reporting and documentation? It can be very time consuming to collect data and document how incident or exercises were conducted. One often has to put together a timeline for the incident and gather information from emails, text messages, and phone calls. Can you document that the contingency plan was followed? RAYVN documents the entire handling of the event and puts it all together in an automatically generated report.

  • Monitor the location of the emergency personnel

    Do you know where personnel and resources are when incidents occur? After people have responded to the notification, you can view their location on a map, using GPS technology from the mobile app. RAYVN give the management and emergency response organization full overview of where their resources are in relation to the location of the incident.

  • Analyze the response organization's performance

    What types of incidents represent the greatest challenges for your business? RAYVN collects data from all incidents. In retrospect, you can analyze the types of incidents that occur most often. Use the information from RAYVN to evaluate and analyze the organizations emergency preparedness, and make well-qualified decisions on where to increase further enhancements and training.

A scenario

Two people are involved in an accident. Heavy metal pipes have rolled out, and the workers have been trapped under these pipes.

A colleague sees what has happened. He gets an overview of the situation and then initiates the "Personnel injury" scenario in RAYVN's mobile app.

All those involved in the industrial emergency teams receive notification via SMS, automated phone call, email, as well as app notification. They are asked to confirm whether or not they can help.

After the incident has been created in RAYVN, the personnel on site can be assured that anyone who needs to be notified is notified and can immediately start to focus on providing assistance to their colleagues.

A Crisis management team is set, which then takes care of the coordination that is needed. Tasks are assigned, and communication with relatives is initiated. At the same time, the crisis staff has an ongoing overview of the situation at the place of injury.

First Aid personnel has been notified and take appropriate action before the ambulance arrives at the scene.

In addition to the course of events, personnel at the accident site and the crisis management team can keep each other updated, and at the same time document everything that is being done.

The pictures are from an industrial safety exercise, in collaboration with our partners Total Safety

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