Benefits of RAYVN

critical event management solution


what's happening
Real-time communications and information updates across multiple channels, multiple teams and organizational levels
Truck accident with cows


Use RAYVN from anywhere. On any device

Instant updates

Via a live shared communications feed

All-in-one platform

Send alerts, share information, run audio / video calls and manage tasks

Communicate and collaborate

With extended teams, including internal and external stakeholders and public institutions
Container ship terrorist attack



RAYVN’s virtual command center, goal- and task-oriented collaboration with internal and external stakeholders

Mobilize your teams

Notify key personnel in seconds. Escalate when needed

Intelligent task management

Easily add tasks and checklists that need to be addressed

Structured ‘ad hoc’ meetings

Engage your teams via the communications feed, audio or video

Full response transparency

Everyone can review feed, open tasks, and updates via mobile or web application


on what needs to be done
RAYVN’s intuitive ‘ease of use’, minimizes your training requirement and makes sure you and your teams aren’t delayed through complicated technology
Wind turbine accident

Automated plan

Ready-to use and customizable templates

Immediate start

Via web app and mobile apps, you focus on the event, not on ‘getting into the office’

On-the-spot reporting

System-generated reports provide easy post-event recaps and incident reporting

Detailed assignments

Get the right assignments and tasks to the right teams
Key facts you

need to know

about RAYVN

24/7 Support

Contactable through web, email, telephone and WhatsApp

Deploy in fewer than 7 days

No extensive professional services required


Multiple server locations across the globe; users in over 90 countries

8 languages

RAYVN solutions supports multiple languages

Collaborating with external partners

during critical events

The RAYVN licence model let you grant one full RAYVN license to each of your key partner, e.g. authorities, health services, insurance companies.

Just identify your key partners, build them into your RAYVN network and create your own response network during a crisis.

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RAYVN helps you alert your teams, keep everybody informed,
and make better decisions during critical events.