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Construction industry

The construction industry is the industry with the highest risk of workplace injuries (OSHA). An effective Emergency Preparedness for managing critical events, as well as securing that all protective measures are in place, are vital to reducing the overall risks for your employees.

The most common risks are:

  • Falls (from heights)
  • Trench collapse
  • Scaffold collapse
  • Failure to use proper personal protective equipment
  • Electric shock and arc flash/arc blast
  • Repetitive motion injuries
Nearly 6.5 million people work at approximately 252,000 construction sites across the nation on any given day. The fatal injury rate for the construction industry is higher than the national average in this category for all industries.
Occupational Safety and Health Administration - USA

Too many companies in the industry do not use a specific tool for managing critical events in the workplace. Additionally, many companies struggle to manage and monitor that protective measures are in place.

Use RAYVN to:

  • Notify your personnel immediately

    Is it time-consuming to reach all your personnel at once? In cases of accidents, injuries, etc. you will have to notify lots of people as soon as possible. RAYVN takes care of this for you and informs everyone that needs to know within seconds. You can immediately start focussing on the situation instead of wasting precious time on calling, emailing, and SMS'ing. RAYVN offers a unique two-way notification system that notifies all through automated voice calls, SMS, email, and mobile-app notifications.

  • Communicate with your staff in a real-time

    Do you have difficulty keeping everybody informed with correct information? When incidents occur, everyone needs to be updated with the latest information. Managers will constantly be handling phone calls, SMS's and emails to keep everyone up to date. This is a waste of time. RAYVNs unique shared log offers a simple and intuitive interface for sharing information, in real-time, to everyone involved.

  • Assign tasks and checklists

    Is it challenging to get personnel to follow company protocol and to distribute tasks ad hoc quickly? Lots of personnel are often involved in the incident management, and it is often difficult to know that company protocol is being followed, and that tasks are completed as expected. RAYVN solves this problem by introducing an easy to use task management tool. Tasks can be pre-defined in different action-cards, as well as assigning tasks on the fly during an ongoing situation. Assign tasks to persons, and set deadlines. Your personnel can monitor the tasks, and mark them as completed on their mobile phone. You can also implement Safety Checklists and leave it to your onsite personnel to run through them using a mobile app.

  • Send valuable information to your entire line of service

    Is it hard to get verification from everyone that they have received important information? RAYVN let you send a SMS to your personnel, asking them to verify if that they have received the message. "To all personnel: Due to extreme weather we need to cancel all today's operations. Please confirm with OK to verify that you have received this message". RAYVN collects everyone's response, and you can focus on the ones that haven't responded.

  • Automatic documentation and reports

    Do you spend hours or even days on reporting and documentation? After an incident has been managed, reporting can take hours and potentially days to complete. You need to document the timeline of the incident, who did what, and what they did. Was the protocol followed? Gathering this information from emails, SMS, and phone calls is a tedious task. And accurate information is expected from management, insurance companies, customers, and authorities. RAYVN gathers all data from your incident management and generates a full report through the click of a button. All actions, decisions, activities, and communication is recorded in real-time during the incident. You will always be prepared for the next audit.

  • Monitor the position of your resources

    Do you know where your personnel and resources are when a situation occurs? After your personnel has been notified and accepted to join the shared log, the operators can view everyone's location on the map. Their position is gathered from the GPS on their mobile phones. This lets the operator an excellent birds-eye-view of where everyone is position in relation to the ongoing incident.

  • Review data and statistics

    What kind of incidents represents the most significant burdens to your business? RAYVN collects data from all incidents that have been handled. Review and analyze the different types of incidents, and get the data you need to better be able to avoid the straining situations.

Examples on how RAYVN can be used for your construction company

During critical events

scenario 1

Injured worker on the worksite

A construction worker is injured, and all operations on the construction site need to be suspended. How do you manage the situation and coordinate the effort to secure the worker, your operation on the worksite, as well as dealing with the Media and Next of kin?

  • Notify teams and personnel about the incident
  • Share information to all involved about updates of the situation
  • Assign specific personnel to provide for the injured worker, and other personnel to secure the worksite, etc
  • See where all resources are located related to the location of the accident

During day-to-day operations

scenario 2

Manage your day-to-day operations on a worksite

Manage operations on multiple ongoing worksites. Assign tasks and checklists to document progress and the implementation of protective measures.

  • Communicate and coordinate with your onsite safety managers by using the mobile app
  • Push SMS messages to predefined lists of teams and work crews
  • Assign specific tasks to key personnel and monitor the task status
  • Update key stats and progress, and review your historical data
  • Use data from RAYVN as the documentation for any workplace safety audit

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