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Event management software

A better way of planning and managing events

Set up and prepare your organization ahead of the event

Interact with personnel and teams in real-time during the event

Monitor incidents, communicate with teams, and manage tasks

RAYVN is the most intuitive incident management software I have seen on the market.Svein Erik Malkenes, Safety Manager in the 2017 Road World Championships

Top features for events

Internal team organization

Ahead of the event, organize your personnel into different teams based on their responsibilities. Set up all your personnel in RAYVN, and assign them to specific teams. Your team organization will be saved and available for later events.

Plan you event in advance

You can set up templates for the event, so on the day of the event you can initiate your plan with the press of a button. Your personnel will receive a notification, inviting them to join the event management log with RAYVN’s mobile app. They will get useful information they need to know regarding the event, as well as a list of tasks that need to be done.

Prepare by defining scenarios and plans

Create plans for various scenarios. “Missing person,” “Injury,” “Fire” and so on. When an incident occurs, you can initiate the plan within seconds. The incident plan can contain specific instructions or information, predefined teams, and also specific tasks that need to be done when a situation of this nature occurs.

updated team status

In events with lots of personnel, it is hard to keep track of everyone and to be sure they are where they should be when the event starts. When invited to an event management log, each person can change their availability status in the mobile app, and the administrator will never need to wonder whether a specific person or is available or not.

Communicate in real-time

All personnel that are invited to join the event management can communicate by using the mobile app or SMS. All text entries or images that are shared will be updated in real-time on all devices, with automatic documentation.

View you team´s location

By using the mobile app, everyone’s location can be monitored. The event manager can see how the teams are distributed, and also to see the location of key personnel. If there is a situation at a specific location that needs to be handled, you will be able to see which personnel are closest.
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Automatically generated reports

After the event, you will be able to print a report from RAYVN, which includes all activities during the day. You can also analyze which types of incidents occur most frequently, and consider making organizational changes to manage the incidents in a better way.

See how RAYVN was used during the UCI Road World Championship in Bergen 2017

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