The idea behind RAYVN is to create an effective and user-friendly system for managing incident and crisis. So when something happens, you don’t have to worry about handling a complicated tool as well.

The features included in RAYVN provides you with the tools you need to effectively be able to manage and document any kind of complex situation.

Notify your organization

Notify your personnel and teams in a matter of seconds. RAYVN sends out notifications on SMS, Email, and in-app notifications, as well as automated phone calls. You can set predefined text for the notifications, including information regarding the incident, and about the user. By sending notifications on multiple platforms, you are certain that everyone in reach of their phone or computer will be notified.


Immediately, RAYVN starts collecting the response from all participants in real-time. This enables managers to see who is actively assisting, who is on standby, and who is not available. The real-time feed is constantly updating as participants’ statuses are confirmed. Never again question if someone received your notification.

Assign tasks

RAYVN let you easily add tasks that need to be done. Tasks that are created will immediately be available for all users, whether they are logged in via web or app. You can assign tasks to individuals and set deadlines. RAYVN will make sure to notify users when tasks have been assigned and if deadlines are not respected. When tasks are completed, the information is immediately reflected on all units.

Generate reports

Generate reports to be able to document or evaluate how your organization managed the situation. The report is automatically generated based on all the log entries, and other information from RAYVN. This report can represent great value for your organization following a crisis or incident.

World wide servers

RAYVN can be used from three different server locations. In North America, Europe, and Asia. While using RAYVN in a global market, the server distribution will supply fast connection times, as well as secure the stability of the service.

User-friendly user interface

RAYVN’s goal was to create an effective and user-friendly system for managing incidents and crises. So when an incident occurs, you don’t have to worry about handling a complicated tool as well.

Time saved is time earned

RAYVN will save vital time when you need to notify and track responses from your organization. The automated reports save even more time. Experience from our customers show that they save time on notifications, leaving them to immediately focus on the incident at hand.

The very moderate example below show that RAYVN would save 97% of the time an organization otherwise would need to spend on notifying and managing the response.

of your time

an example of time usage for notifying an organization

ActionTime used without RAYVNTime used with RAYVN
Time used on notifying your organization76 min2 min
Figure out what to do after the incident has occured1 min1 min
Find list of updated contact info to personnel you need to notify5 min
Prepare a document to register which persons that has been notified and what they response where15 min
Notify personnel1 min
Send SMS to 35 persons5 min
Call 5 persons15 min
Collect and register all replies from SMS and calls20 min
Follow up on people that still has not responded15 min

Time used on notifying your organization with RAYVN
2 min
Time used on notifying your organization without RAYVN
76 min

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