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in maritime shipping



Storms, shipwrecks, dangerous cargo, piracy and accidents are among the risks that have shaped the very history of maritime shipping. Only now fresh risks are on the rise with cyber-attacks, logistics challenges, grounded vessels, hazardous materials and global challenges.


Any critical incident can ripple out with wide-ranging consequences and costs in our globalized world. The pandemic, supply chain crisis, war and climate-related events are among the unexpected Black Swan events unfolding in a world of polycrisis.


Digitalization and decarbonization are propelling the transition to a more sustainable future. Yet any innovation brings fresh risks. For maritime shipping the perils of new technologies, automation, biofuels and cyber security threats lurk on the horizon.

How RAYVN can help

RAYVN offers an easy-to-use digital solution for robust emergency preparedness and secure, real-time critical event management.


Control when it really counts
When a crisis strikes, you can understand the situation, focus and respond more efficiently with RAYVN’s easy-to-use digital solution.


Because safety is everyone’s story
Work together more effectively to resolve the incident with secure, real-time collaboration across your entire emergency response network.


Prepare today for the future

Rally, recover and rebound with RAYVN for simplified reporting, mass notifications, next of kin communications, training and more features to build resilience.

RAYVN in action


Scenario: Grounded ship

The front of large cargo ship.

Discover how a digital solution, such as RAYVN, saves time and yields new efficiencies in critical event management as compared to time-consuming manual processes.


Scenario: Gas leak in port


Evacuation radius. Bergen gas tank.
A potential gas leak is detected by a crew member onboard a tanker.


RAYVN app in hand
The ship crew creates an incident log to report the possible leak to shipping management.


Video conferencing
Shipping management coordinate with port authorities, the municipality and emergency responders to agree on action using video conferencing capabilities.


Gastank incident in Bergen harbour with RAYVN markers
Using the geo-mapping resources, any needed equipment is located easily.


Oil and gas worker.

The leak is contained through coordinated action onboard ship and in the port.


iPhone notifications Cyber alert

Thanks to RAYVN’s traffic light system, the entire emergency response network and stakeholders receive real-time updates.



A post-incident report is generated for post-incident review, compliance and any insurance claims needed.


Bergen in the fall

For the future, the emergency response network expands to include new contacts using RAYVN’s built-in collaboration feature.


7 ways RAYVN helps build resilience



Defend business continuity with RAYVN for real-time critical event management.



Ship-to-shore training exercises have never been simpler. Customers report that they run more drills to foster a robust safety culture because RAYVN is so easy to use.



Send mass notifications instantly to update everyone in a crisis via RAYVN’s Emergency Communications Solution.


Next-of-Kin-Total Safety

Support affected personnel and their families during a crisis with the latest updates and communications using RAYVN’s Next of Kin Center.



Quickly generate the reports needed for insurance claims, compliance purposes and post-incident review processes.


Container Ship with global illustration

Unlock the power of collaboration with RAYVN for secure, real-time critical event management with external stakeholders and partner organizations.


Computer lock

Rely on RAYVN for secure critical event management – even when your company network goes down.

On-demand webinar

Shipping/maritime: industry insights for critical event management

Join industry experts as we explore essential strategies for maritime critical event management. From emergency preparedness to digitalization opportunities, gain insights that redefine safety in the shipping sector.

Our Experts:

  • Snorre Halvorsen, Senior Advisor, Norwegian Hull Club
  • Niall Mushet, SSHEQ Manager, John T. Essberger Group
  • Erik Skaara, Chief Business Development Officer, RAYVN
  • Moderator: Lee Koenig, CMO, RAYVN
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